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About Schmidt

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About Schmidt could be the most depressing comedy I've ever seen. It's about a man who realizes that he just doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Retiring from selling insurance, sick of his wife, hates the guy his daughter is marrying, his life is just one big cespool of mediocrity.


"About Schmidt" is directed by Alexander Payne, the director of Election. Here, he gives us another character we're not exactly gonna look up to, but this time, we sympathize with him. You really feel for this poor guy for the whole movie. As a result, it feels less like a comedy than Election, but dont get me wrong, it's pretty damned funny.


Nicholson gives one of the best performances of his career. He's hilarious and heartbreaking. He's the saddest character in the world, you just want to reach into the screen and help him out. This is the perfect role for nicholson, it brings him out of his "loud crazy guy" sterotype and shows why he's such a respected actor.


So, I reccomend this one highly. It's the saddest comedy you'll ever see, and it'll make you appreciate the hell out of your youth!

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