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Snagged this new controller for the switch. Pro-shaped. Wired, but comes with a headphone outlet which is great. It will allow me to play the switch on the tv whenever Katherine goes to bed (I know, handhels, but I really dont enjoy handheld as much). Plus this was only 25 bucks, and officially licensed. Not a bad deal!

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So I'm absolutely baffled... apparently a bunch of people review bombed on metacritic on both Astral Chain and the new Fire Emblem and the reason for the bombing was platform exclusivity. I get the hate for Epic exclusives that aren't Epic made games (though think the outrage over it is kind of dumb) but in this case we're talking about, in the first case, a game that's IP is jointly owned by Platinum and Nintendo and was funded 100% by Nintendo, and in the second case, a Nintendo first party title. Can someone explain to me why there would be any expectation at all for these games to be anything but Nintendo exclusives?


EDIT: Did I miss a review bomb of BotW or Smash awhile back or is this new?

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A lot of people really hate Nintendo. That's really the best guess I have. You've got those folks that are still salty over Bayonetta, and then just those HaRdcOrE GamErSSSSS that hate anything resembling a cartoon.  I work with a guy that refused to get a Switch for a long time because "all they make are children's games". 





Also I'm watching the Direct from today. So many goodies!




Deadly Premonition 2 and Super Nintendo Games are my biggest takeaways here.  XenoBlade Chronicles definitive looks pretty too! Fingers crossed for an XCX port. 




Mother 3 still being held hostage it seems.

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it's officially been the longest gap nintendo's had since new hardware, and i really love the switch (easily one of the best libraries they've ever had), but damn is it really showing.  really looking forward to a new hardware unveil sometime this year, super switch can't come quick enough!


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