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hype! liked what we saw - i can see the arrow comparisons, but this is already gonna be better.


guess they're shipping him with coleen (since misty's off the board for the moment?), definitely looking forward to seeing kun lun - presumably where all the asian actors went

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yeah...the common theme seems to be this is the one that falls off, which is really a shame but the last few trailers didn't instill me with a lotta faith.


i'm gonna see it through as a fan of the character, but i'm really hoping the 2nd act turns things around a bit!

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Not that I haven't found the trailers a little underwhelming, but not everybody is dismissing it. The two editors over on comicbookmovie.com both seemed to have enjoyed it, Mark Cassidy, in particular, is usually very reliable for reviews.


Josh Wilding‏ @Josh_Wilding 50m50 minutes ago


# IronFist is getting mauled by critics. What the hell? I loved the first six episodes. It's slow, yes, but not in a bad way.

Josh Wilding‏ @Josh_Wilding 11m11 minutes ago


Most #IronFist reviews mention whitewashing. In a show where the lead has always been white. And where there's a strong, Asian, female lead.

Strong action, a compelling story and a terrific performance from Finn Jones point to Iron Fist being a solid entry into Marvel's line-up of Defenders. Forget the whitewashing nonsense; fans of the character are going to love this.
Mark Cassidy‏ @RorMachine 8m8 minutes ago


Hmmm. Surprised by the negative reaction to IRON FIST. I thought the first 6 eps were very enjoyable. I mean it has the same issues...

Mark Cassidy‏ @RorMachine 6m6 minutes ago


..the other Netflix Marvel shows have, but they all get a pass I guess. Oh yeah, they were cast the way the critics wanted.

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^that makes me he hopeful! the currently 19% RT does not, but still hyped for tomorrow


and while Scott Buck sounds like a great scapegoat if this doesn't go well for me, i think i've found an even better one



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Wow, the writing is just all over the place. I mean, I'm on episode nine and they straight up say let's make truth serum! *sigh*

The potential is there for this series, but Danny Rand is such a dipshit that you really struggle to believe how he ever became the Iron Fist in the first place. I get how that's part of the character, that's he's "learning as he goes," but that makes for some damn frustrating viewing.

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8 eps in! man, i don't know what jessica & luke got, but while the show's certainly flawed, the review scores seemed exceptionally harsh for what we're getting here.


casting seems solid & i like that we're getting more gau (i really dig all the shared universe stuff, honestly) but even with the changes they've made from the book, the biggest beef i'm having is the dropoff in fight choreography - i was really hoping that'd be the standout thing here, and the trailers kinda indicated it wouldn't. whoever they have on DD seems to be top of the shelf for this line, and while danny's story is the one more rooted in mysticism, it's also the one arguably most in need of said fight efforts: jess & luke basically brawl, and even as a huge fan of matty, i've thought that we've had better battles there than were even warranted from the book. it's been great to be spoiled, but i can't help but kinda wish the showrunner here took notes or made that phone call.



still really waiting for them to blow whatever budget they have on a bigger picture of k'un lun, but i'm kinda wondering if that's coming at this point too


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Having seen the majority of the season, I think going in with low expectations really helped. I've actually enjoyed the first 8 episodes more than I enjoyed Luke Cage. I wasn't into Luke's villain for the first half of the series, which was all I ended up watching. I think Danny has a much more interesting story line here. I like the Meachums story as well, even though I think Ward is an appallingly bad actor much of the time (he gets WAY better and more interesting as his character devolves, though).


The fight choreo could definitely be better. Some of it is kinda silly (that snake girl, for one). There are some standout fights, but much of it feels kinda heavy and sluggish, like they're fighting in molasses. And the editing during these scenes doesn't help their cause at all.


It's slow, but not boring. When an episode ends, I look forward to the next one. That's more than I expected going in, so I'm happy!



Also not hating Claire Temple being in every Marvel Netflix show. Rosario plays her so well, it's always an absolute delight when she shows up!


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8 eps in! man, i don't know what jessica & luke got, but while the show's certainly flawed, the review scores seemed exceptionally harsh for what we're getting here....



still really waiting for them to blow whatever budget they have on a bigger picture of k'un lun, but i'm kinda wondering if that's coming at this point too


Yeah, I've made my wariness about the accuracy and legitimacy of the RT rankings known before. Here is a smattering of Marvel films and TV shows.

According to RT:

Daredevil S1 = 98%

Luke Cage S1 = 96%

Agents of SHIELD = 95%

Jessica Jones S1 = 93%

Agent Carter S2 = 81%

Daredevil S2 = 76%

The Wolverine = 69%

X-Men: The Last Stand = 58%

Daredevil (Affleck) = 44%

X-Men Origins Wolverine = 38%

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer = 37%

Ghost Rider (2007) = 27%

Iron Fist S1 = 19%

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance = 17%

Elektra (2005) = 10%

Fantastic 4 (2015) 09%


I'd put it at least on par with Agent Carter S2. So split the difference and let's say a 50% for both IFS1 & ACS2. ;)


S1 Finale


And how'd you like that weak ass ending where they totally trolled us with disappearing K'un Lun? I thought for sure we'd get a good look at it in the last scene, but nooooope! And speaking of trolling, Marvel shows us the origin of every damn character they've put on film except the one guy who gets his special ability from fighting a dragon in a cave. WTF, Marvel!?!? That was lame.


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it was, but given the budget i kinda assumed we'd not see shaou lou, and i'd rather red eyes in a cave than some galactus-cloud shit. i did, however, expect a bit more of k'un-lun - we got the visage of presumably lei-kung, since i assume yu-ti would have his mask on (or did we see him? i forget). i would really like to have seen more of the city itself & the many martial artists training...after hearing about all the asian actors they saw, i assumed we'd get a classic kung-fu shot of dozens of people moving in unison, that kinda thing



so, tied this up tonight with donny! my impressions may contain mild spoilers, just a heads-up


+ Danny's actor was likable enough for me, and the writing had him a bit more naive/lighthearted at times, although the rest he was childish & prone to emotional outbursts of rage/etc like a big baby...so not a bad take. roy thomas & gil kane did the original stuff but i think most folks that do know him, do so more from claremont/byrne's era, where we started to see more of this.


+ Coleen wasn't bad either, and at times i thought she had slightly better fighting ability than danny's actor. the two didn't have a tremendous amount of chemistry but i guess it was more than matty & elektra (shouts to donny for this observation)


+ Davos was likewise fun (even if he felt like he came right off Dr Strange's set, which does kinda make sense here), and Claire is always a joy. i likewise really dig madame Gau.


+ The Hand stuff was interesting too, even if i don't get their structure here much at all - i assume them recruiting inner city kids somehow lays the groundwork for Danny/Coleen's dojo for that purpose, as well as some Heroes for Hire stuff


- The Meachums weren't bad but man did they have a lotta time here: Ward was wooden & boring up until he let his hair down & got out of the office, then got a lot more interesting. Joy was kinda there to be nice until her heel turn (another good nod to the book!), and Harold was all over the place but more together than say, Diamondback was, for me. it's nice to see the Nick Nolte/Denis Leary school of acting still get work...but yeah, they were such a huge part of the story, and making Harold the main baddy felt a little last-minute & didn't make for the most engrossing final fight of the season.


- I'd be lying if i said i didn't kinda want Danny to end up in jail for part of an ep somehow just to meet Luke


- Entire plot points were kinda forgotten or pushed off sometimes, the last one i recall was how i don't think danny ever got those antibiotics. i mean we totally skipped over how they got Gau back to NY


- i wanted more from k'un-lun but i covered that in the spoiler tags


- he lost the ability to use the Iron Fist a bit too often here, i thought. i get the show didn't want him relying on/overusing it but still


- this show felt rushed by hands down, the biggest problem here was poor fight choreography. here's a 35 second fight with 50+ cuts


<div style="width: 100%; height: 0px; position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.250%;"><script async src="//v.embedcdn.com/v1/embed.js"></script></div>


it's rough. i get hiding a lack of good fighters/setup but not everything has to be Woo Ping or even the quality we've had for Daredevil so far, it's just - Jessica & Luke are tanks, you don't need fancy fights there. pretty much any problems this show had could likely have been overlooked like the bad acting/plot/etc people expect from kung-fu flicks, but that just wasn't here.


Danny never really felt like he was some master doing stuff on another level in fights, people were just rushing in & taking turns getting hit. Iron fisting aside, he just didn't feel like he had much of an impact, Colleen & co either. and again, editing like that is often done to hide these things, but why not give us some genre staples - speed up the fight a slight bit, use Street Fighter II or whatever sounds for impact...if you can't make them tony jaa/donny yen type of exciting, at least give the fights some weight!


+ a few had this, i thought - the fights with the drunken master (and colleen's with the spear lady) were good, i liked danny vs davos and a few of the ones with the hand guys in the hallway after danny broke through his cuffs too. there's just a lot of them i can't recall because they weren't memorable.



- related: that was the bride of 9 spiders?!




- minor quip but while i dug seeing his green & yellow getup in k'un-lun, if we're not gonna get a costume, can we at least get the pants and a bare-chested fight or something? really hoping he gets something by the defenders


i don't know where i'd rank it: Daredevil's clearly at the top, Jessica's a solid show with some of the usual pacing problems & could've used a bit more time away from Purple Man, Luke was good stuff with a villain problem, and this feels like the weakest of the bunch even if i think i enjoyed it a bit more than some of those in spite of its many problems.


i'm quite hyped for The Defenders but if this gets another season (or hopefully a Heroes for Hire one!) i need a new showrunner, kinda done with Buck.

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so, tied this up tonight with donny!


NGL, I fell asleep during the last ten minutes or so and woke up for the final shot like...




My baaad! That isn't to say the finale was boring, I was just so tired! I liked this series as a whole.


I think my ranking would be Daredevil 1 > Jessica > Daredevil 2 > Iron Fist > Luke. I wonder if Iron First will get another season based on the reviews. I also wonder how it did ratings-wise compared to the other Marvel Netflix shows (clearly too lazy to Google).

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Trying to power through this. It is a bit underwhelming, but not terrible by any means. The fight scenes really are subpar though. You'd think with stuff like Into the Badlands doing interesting fight choreography they could get that level of quality.


That said, I actually really like Danny. I've seen a ton of complaints on his acting and portrayal of the character. How child like and immature he is, but that's supposed to be part of the story right? He went missing when he was a kid, and sort of retained that innocence. It makes sense for him to be portrayed more child like. It makes for some nicer moments on the show. I think the critics went a little overboard with trashing this one.

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The fight choreography isn't bad (the tournament episode had some genuinely pretty good fights) the editor just has bad instincts on putting them together. This shit might fly on Law and Order: SVU but you better get your shit together for a kung fu show. I do think Danny's lack of skill is intentional, he's the iron fist but that doesn't mean he's a master fighter. It's like shooting a gun, you can pick off all the watermelons and tin cans you want, until you're in a combat situation you're a novice and I believe that even K'un L'un's most powerful fighters were never actually trying to kill Danny no matter how hard they pushed him. He has the power but not the discipline, same as Daredevil, and I'm fine with that.

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i'd really like to believe he's gonna get better as he goes, yeah - and i dunno man, some of that was weak fighting. you're not wrong that the way it's shot/edited was fucking terrible a lotta times too though.

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I finished this about a week and a half ago but I forgot to come post.


I honestly probably liked this as much as Daredevil Season 1, though it has a lot more flaws.


Yes, the fight scenes weren't great but they got better as the season went on. Any fights post-episode 8 were pretty good, just not Daredevil good. Editing is a bit more janky but that's not inherently awful, they just need to be more imaginative. Part of the problem is that like pretty much all of these heroes except Daredevil, Iron Fist doesn't have much in the way of good villains. The show did make up for it by making all the villains it does have be good characters, the shows are still batting 1000 in the villain department.


The thing that really impressed me about this show was the way the plot progressed. It was always moving, not sticking on one topic too long. I could've done with more Rand company stuff but I realize that this show had to set a lot of the ground work for The Defenders since Luke Cage and Jessica Jones did none of that. The thing is, Jessice Jones had a stronger story but really overstayed its welcome and wasted time on dumb b-plots and Luke was good but fairly aimless in coming to a point. They each have their strengths but I think Iron Fist was stronger more where it counts. This show also did a better job of integrating the other shows, though to be fair that's the advantage of going last.



I thought it was weird they leaned so heavily on Danny/Colleen since Danny's squeeze in the comics was Misty Knight. But then I realized that Misty is nearly twice Danny's age in this universe and they're never going to go for that relationship on a Marvel TV show. I'm glad they're keeping Bakuto and Madame Gao around, likely for The Defenders though I suppose season two isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Though it looks like Danny will be busy with Joy/Steel Serpent next season. Joy is a fucking frustrating character and her heel turn was in no way a surprise even though it makes absolutely no sense.


I loved Ward, even in the early episodes when he was being deadpan and sarcastic. I fully expected them to kill him off as that's been the case with side-characters who seem like they'd be interesting for future seasons (Clancy Brown, Owlsley, Ben Urich, and Wesley in Daredevil, Calamity Jane in Jessica Jones, Scarfe and Cottonmouth in Luke Cage) but apparently he gets to join Shades and Turk as interesting characters who got to come back. I hope they go a bit more into the Rand corporation in season two and develop Danny and Ward's relationship and Danny's civilian side. I actually want that more than I want the Iron Fist costume. Kinda sucks that they never full-on showed K'un L'un or Shao Lao the undying but I understand that either one would've cost several million dollars.


Also, noticed that these shows are 4 for 4 on dead old black men. The moment I saw that guy was more than a bit part I went "He's gonna die" and I was right.


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