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Getting Into The Saturn...HELP Please!!!


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Ok so, some of you know, I'm trying to get into the Sega Saturn, but I'm having trouble due to the fact that I don't know spit about good Saturn Imports.


Now I have an Action Replay but I'm still missing a controller, but I need help finding out what are good, yet cheap (cause I'm Poor) Platformer, Action-Adventure, or Shmups.

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tall order, cause saturn stuff is spiking really high the last year or so.


platformers - Astal, Clockwork Night 1 & 2 and NiGHTs are all relatively cheap. Sonic Jam (import) is way less than the US version and has english overlays too!


action-adventrue ill have to think over what you're into, there's stuff but again even JP ones are going up. i know this won't help you but the best advice i can give anyone getting into saturn nowadays is to get it modchip'd and burn everything, seriously....or replace your disk drive with an SD one and boot the images that way, cuts back on loading times too...more later!

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please do! also? DIBS


yeah, the battery thing is crushing, odd that it wasn't more known in the day - now i just keep my data on an official backup cart so i have less to worry about; the action replay's good for that too.


and kaiser: saturn & turbo both sold like butt stateside & got very low print runs there, JP scene had the better/more plentiful games but in recent years, resellers are said to have picked much of akiba clean, so here we are. another theory is that collectors ran out of SNES/NES to pursue and that's why smaller scenes like these and to a thankfully lesser extent the genesis/mega drive are seeing spikes as wel

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