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Independence Day: Resurgence

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Ugh. I hope the movie does really well and they shut Will Smith outta the sequel.


"Sorry, buddy. This party is for believers only. Go save the world in another movie."


Gotta have team players - isn't that why Edward Norton wasn't in the Avengers?


If they're gonna bring back any character that had been abducted to be used as a weapon against humanity - please, please, please...let it be Cousin Eddie. LOL - The real Cousin Eddie had been abducted decades earlier and cloned. The one from ID4 was a clone plant that went rogue w/ the memories of the original host. The fully-functional, bio-armor alien/hybrid Cousin Eddie will be humanity's bane come ID4 - Part 3.



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Resurgence smacks of cash-in. I was so excited about a sequel for years but this doesn't look like the same lovable adventure the original was. The trailer is stylistically similar to a Transformers trailer which raises my hackles somewhat.


That said, all they really need to do to make this film watchable is pace it well, keep reminding us of the first one and give us some cool action sequences.


Bonus points if they make a subtle joke about hacking a sophisticated alien computer network with a 90s Mac.

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