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21 hours ago, Da Cap'n 2099 said:

Anyone else caught up with this?




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Fuck, that Kanan Jarrus death hurt more than it should have. On the opposite end tho: that wolves storyline is doing nothing for me.


It will once you see S4E12-13. I swear that's Indiana Jones music they're playing when Ezra is "researching" the temple paintings. Looking forwar to seeing how this all wraps up next week with the series finale.


S4E13 Spoilers

I had a feeling the wolf would be a reincarnation of Ahsoka, but it was a nice little twist making it Kanan/Dume. Not sure how I feel about all this time temple stuff being cannon now. Speaking of which, AHSOKA LIVES! Knew Filloni would find a way to subvert her demise. They need to let GRRM write an episode and thin the characters out.

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Neg away - I should've 'spoiler'd that...and my S1 'review', for that matter.  

Nope.  I'm stuck having to wait for the damn blu release...which, I'm sure I'll be picking up - from a shelf w/ 'Rebels: The Complete Series' boxset sitting right next to 'lil ol' S4.  

Yeah, the wolf stuff was redeemed a bit making the one Kanan, but it was sure was a lot of setup for such a small payoff. Ahsoka definitely was the highlight here tho. Vader and the Emperor were cool too (Malcolm McDowell as the bad guy was great, as well). The finale feels like were gonna get a better tie-up/tie-in for The Clone Wars which I'm fine with (I still liked the Yoda ending we got). But I have to be completely honest here: I've been underwhelmed by the last two seasons and maybe the series as a whole. I LOVE the characters and most of the stuff that went on, but I thought it was gonna go in a different direction. I don't know. Buncha missed opportunities. Still be sad to see it go.

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Caught the finale (last three episodes) last night. Wow. That was a great ending...until the epilogue...



I knew Filoni couldn't kill Ezra or Ahsoka. I'm really not liking this retcon of Yoda in ESB & RoTJ saying Luke was the last Jedi. You can nit-pick and say Ahsoka renounced being a Jedi in Clone Wars, but there's no way you can't count Ezra as a Jedi.



Don't get me wrong, I'm down for Ahsoka & Sabine search for Ezra, but c'mon man. That was such an epic way for Ezra to go out snatching Thrawn like dat. But FIloni wa slike, "Nah, fam. Ezra's still alive. Sabine knows because of his vague ass comment that time." Filoni also said in an interview that both Ezra & Thrawn are still alive. WTF?! Thrawn's alive post ROTJ, too? I didn't read the new canon novel with him, so maybe this shit was known already. Meh.


But up until that epilogue though--gold. Pure gold.


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I agree this was a satisfying ending... for now.


I'm fine with how everything went down. The wolves did their thing at the end. The action and battles were superb. Pretty much everyone throughout the series that were allies were brought back and had their moments. The epilogue. All very nice. I would have personally liked a different beginning and middle (to the series), but the end was very strong. Overall a better series than Clone Wars. I'm sad we may never get more, but we all know this REALLY isn't the last we've seen of these characters. Until next time, Rebels. Thanks for the fun ride.

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