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If you get a chance to stop by EBWorld or GameStop or any other chain of game retailers... pass by the cheap rack and pick up your copy of ONI. Bought it yesterday for $7.50. Game is very fun. It's what Max Payne would've been with fist fighting, without the slow mo.


The gameplay is Max Payne-ish third person style, but only allows your character to carry one weapon at a time. (Dose of realism) Thus, the character must rely on sneaking abilities as well as a variety of hand to hand combat moves which are learned & earned throughout the game. Gameplay is entertaining, although somewhat typical of the "find the key, open the door" style Quake play. The fighting is what makes the game tho. I'm a few levels into it, so I'll write back if my opinion changes, but for right now... for less than $8.00, this is a cool game to get.


Plus, for all you anime folks. The entire game is done anime style w/ anime cutscenes & art all over the place. With an American touch tho.



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This is anotherone in TD's 5 games pack that I gave him. Yeah, it's pretty damned cool. It's just fun to sort of run around and whoop ass in this one, go crazy on the gun-foo and all that. I thought the level design was a bit lacking though... if I saw one more warehouse full of crates I was gonna kill myself. Still a very cool game though.

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Like Junker said, this is one of the ones I got. Looking forward to giving it a go but as it is I've got...


SW: galactic battlegrounds

Serious Sam


Fallout 1


all currently on the playlist so until i beat one or two of them I'm having to hold off on...


Fallout 2

Mechwarrior 3



Myth 2 Soulbringer

Heavy metal 2



So my plates full for now and the forseeable future. :D

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is it worth it to get this game? It's been out for quite awhile, and i've heard a lot of bad things about it. I basically like games that don't get repetative. these combo kick punch button combinations?


speaking of mech.... there's the new mechassult game for xbox, which is lookin real nice and getting a LOT of praise. It also runs on xbox live for those of ya who wanna test yer stuff. the xbox live includes an earpiece/mic to let you taunt or communicate with teammates.

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Timbo - Id heard good things bout that mech one too.

Im with him tho, surprised to hear good things bout Oni - it was one of the first PS2 games out the door a while back, and it got bashed a great deal. Maybe 'casuse it was a PC convert, not sure.

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ONI - Well, I'm a few more missions deep and I still can't say that for $7.50 it was a bad deal. The game is relatively cool, but, like Max Payne, is missing the multiplayer fury we all love. Still somewhat entertaining, the story ain't half bad, the game difficulty is still very challenging, and the fighting is still cool.


MW3 & MW4 - From what I heard from Julio, MW3 was tougher on PC's than MW4. MW3 involves a hell of alot more simming... every key on the keyboard does something, as well as ALT, CTRL and SHIFT combinations for each key. Like Tekken3 you'll never learn it all. Graphics on MW4 are more scalable and it's much less complicated. Besides, MW4: Mercenaries just arrived, and kicks much ass. But, for $5.00, even I'd try MW3. Off I go to find my copy. Speaking of upgrades... I'm seeing just how long I can keep this old PC alive... bought myself a GeForce 4 64MB DDR card. :D


XBOX - Mech Assault fuckin' rocks.

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