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So I liked this one so much I'm gonna make a thread about it.


From what I've read it's a pretty polarizing movie. I really loved it and thought it was the scariest movie I've seen in a long time. I see a lot of horror movies, and like a lot of horror, but they don't usually scare me. This one did. It's like a weird mix of The Shining, The Crucible and The Blair Witch Project. It's an incredibly slow build up that pays off so damn good. Something that I really disliked about The Babadook.


And while the movie doesn't rely on jump scares, there are a couple really good ones. I personally like jump scares when they are done right, and there is a right way to do them. And it's just got this super creepy atmosphere that's very nightmarish. It's got me thinking about it in a way that gets under my skin and I love it for that. It's very similar to things like It Follows and The Babadook, but for some reason, be it the subject matter or the execution, this one succeeded for me where those two failed.

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didn't post back, but i really dug this. great timepiece, great take on the mythos. when it ended, i wanted more of it


so it's good news for me that Nosferatu is the next film from Robert Eggers


Robert Eggers, the writer/director behind the indie horror hit “The Witch,” confirmed with IndieWire that his next film will be the remake of “Nosferatu” for former Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8


“[it’s shocking] to me. It feels ugly and blasphemous and egomaniacal and disgusting for a filmmaker in my place to do ‘Nosferatu’ next. I was really planning on waiting a while, but that’s how fate shook out.”


During the podcast, Eggers breaks down how his obsession with history informed the script and look of “The Witch,'”something he says will continue with the vampire remake. The former production designer explained how capturing the look and feel of the past is a product of the emotional, almost memory-like, images that are evoked for him during his deep research he does in writing scripts.


In addition to building “real” 1830s interiors, another key change will his approach to the lead character of the film.


“I can’t also do Max Schreck again either, so that’s fun, so it’s going back to the origins of the folk vampire,” said Eggers, who is also writing the script.




also, it was pointed out how if its is actually a dracula thing (which it might not be, mythology wise) adam driver would be a fun casting call



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I'm not, in general, a horror movie fan, but I really dug this film. I found it suspenseful and disturbing. The guy who wrote and directed this did a masterful job in minimalist cinema. My friends in this area that are big horror genre fans though really didn't care for it, so I can see what axels meant in his initial post about the film being polarizing.


Not sure how I feel about Robert Eggers, who deliverd a great original film, already going the remake route. I don't think I ever got the entire way through the original Nosferatu (and I never did see that Willam DaFoe film based on it), so I'm not as excited about this remake as Nza.

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i'm honestly not expecting a very faithful remake...i'm picturing like pacino Scarface & the classic one, you know? i know we're many years removed from euro-trash vampires but the tropes still abound, and for every Let The Right One In there's True Blood type stuff.


After the Witch, i'm confident this is the guy to give a really dark uncomfortable look at the mythos. at least, that's my hope.

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^Based on the strength of The VVitch alone, Eggers has me seeing his next film, guaranteed. You make a good point with the Scareface comparison, but we'll just have to wait for the trailer at least to see how he goes with it. If he's doing a vampire film, remake/reboot/reimaginng/whatever, at least it is set in the 1800s. He did such a great job of creating a believable and compelling tone with The VVitch that I am eager to see hm do it with another setting from the past.

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i'm honestly not expecting a very faithful remake...i'm picturing like pacino Scarface & the classic one, you know?


There's truth here. During (I think) the same interview, he said he had no interest in doing a shot for shot re-make. Basically the original is perfect and he wants to make his own twist on it.


...That being said - it's going to be hard, in my mind, to top how amazing Shadow of the Vampire was.



......that being said, this remake needs 100% more black Phillip.

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That would be great. Kinda like an overseer of events that are happening. I need to watch The Witch again just to see how prominent he actually is.

This is the only scene that really matters. That voice. Chills.



There is, not surprisingly, a Black Phillip fanbase on the Net. (Some would say he technically won the election.)

I'd buy a custom Black Phillip shirt from ASC though: Taste the butter. Live deliciously.

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