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I could be wrong - but I think they're going for a whole new voice cast. I remember reading a blurb about the dude who voices Launchpad having a gripe about this new project not having the original voice-actors being involved.


Plus, the original McDuck (Wilber) is in his 90s - it might cause an issue behind the scenes if he suddenly...decides not to continue. But I'm sure they'd have a back-up voice-actor for Scrooge...and if that's the case, what a weird working environment - LOL!


(keels over) Oh, man...'kay, bring in Charlie!


I hope they do bring in the original Scrooge, though - I was so happy to hear him - hell, everybody back in Ducktales Remastered.

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Looks like they went the Nickelodeon TMNT route - celebrity cast. I only recognize the dude from Community and that villain-dude from Harry Potter n' Jessica Jones. I have absolutely no idea who the other people are.


I'd be flipping my shit if it were the likes of Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Jim Cummings...Tress MacNeille. My reaction is - m'eh. I want to see a scene - I want to hear what this new Ducktales cast sounds like. The names mean nothing to me.

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I think they skewed younger because they're hoping to use this voice cast for a long time. West, Cummings, and LeMarche are getting up in years, they're also crazy busy.


I do recognize the entire cast and the choices are obviously much more than stunt-casting. I'm stoked as hell that they're doing away with Huey, Dewey, and Louie's obnoxious Donald Duck voices (something only the short-lived and underrated series Quack Pack had the foresight to do) and hiring an actual Scotsman to play Scrooge McDuck seems like a solid movie. I also love Beck Bennet, and though I wouldn't have thought to cast him as Launchpad I'm certainly on board.


Seriously though, GIZMO DUCK!

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To be fair, Nick TMNT did cast Rob Paulsen as Donny! He was the voice of Raph in the 80s-90s series, so that was really exciting. And I was very happy with their celeb picks! Much preferred Jason Biggs as Leo, though. When Seth Green took over, it was jarring. His voice is too distinct. You can't hear it and not think of Seth, unless he's changing it the way he does with Chris on Family Guy.


This cast seems ok. You're right, it's nothing to get super hyped about. David Tennant is the only one I'm really excited about! I think he'll be a great Scrooge McDuck!

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...nyeeeaaah - Rob Paulsen actually was a name I got pumped for when they laid out that TMNT cast...I'd totally add his name to the list of voice-talent I'd freak out over being a part of this.


I can actually see him voicing / playing Fenton / Gizmo Duck - that would sound totally awesome!


Ah dunno, these are voice-actors I grew up w/ and totally love - if Ducktales were to be revisited w/out the original cast, I'd want all those super-talented voices from the day filling those shoes. Those are celebrities to me. Talkin' Frank Welker, Tom Kenny, Cree Summer...E. G. Daily...disappointing none are part of the main cast - but, I'm sure these guys are all gonna end up being involved somehow - playing bit-parts, anyway - so...


I'm sure if Ducktales works - they'll end up resurrecting a 'Disney Afternoon block' altogether. Not the whole thing, but I can see Rescue Rangers...'specially considering their upcoming movie...Darkwing Duck...maybe Gummi Bears? happy.png


If so - Jim Cummings better reprise his role as Darkwing or I will be one...very...utterly crushed and disappointed fan...but, worst case scenario, Hondos will have the exclusive to my reaction and opinion. So - (phew!)







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Will Arnett as Darkwing would be metal as frick! LOL! That would be a gruff-ass voice for Darkwing - it'd have to be a darker setting than what was - at least in design. Which - if it does get re-launched - I could totally see happening. Lots o' shadows - a'la Batman the Animated Series...


LOL - totally reminds me of the 'Time and Punishment' episode where Darkwing went all 'Dark Knight'.






Speaking of LEGO - dunno where he's from, but I would love to hear Liam Neeson trying out as Mr. McD

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Nah, his voice is a lower register but he's a humongous ham. My biggest problem with Darkwing Duck was that 9 times out of 10 he was just pathetic, at a certain point I felt bad for him because he meant well in spite of his big ego. The way LEGO Batman is handled is basically perfect for Darkwing Duck, he's goofy and dumb and a loser but there's less a tone of laughing at him and more of laughing with him. I appreciate that. Something more like the mid '00s Duck Dodgers series, that was great.


Honestly though, Darkwing Duck will never return without major changes. We will never see a Disney character wielding a gun again, even if it is just one that shoots bubbles.

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