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WB Developing Lobo Movie for some reason




Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are turning to their “Wonder Woman” writer Jason Fuchs to pen “Lobo,” TheWrap has learned.


The project marks Fuchs’ second within Warners’ DC universe following “Wonder Woman,” indicating a certain confidence in Fuchs’ work on that upcoming superhero movie starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.


Insiders suggest that Fuchs will start from scratch with his own take on Lobo — an alien who works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter. The character became a popular figure among fans of DC comic books following his revival in the early ’90s as a biker anti-hero.


thanks, deadpool








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Wow. Warner Bros. never really fails to fuck up their comic book franchises. Even when Marvel literally creates the template for success. Deadpool made hundreds of millions of of dollars because it was so faithful to the most popular iteration of the character from the comic books. So what does WB do, they hire some guy to "start from scratch" on Lobo. The character only became really popular in the 1990s with Giffen & Bisley's wildly over the top parody of the anti-hero. This is what fanboys know and love about the character. Why piss on that? Oh, because Hollywood.



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Michael Bay in Talks to Direct Lobo Film


Prolific action director Michael Bay is being eyed to direct his first-ever superhero movie, “Lobo,” which DC and Warner Bros. hope could be their answer to “Deadpool,” multiple insiders told TheWrap exclusively.

Bay met with DC to discuss the project and gave some notes that “Wonder Woman” writer Jason Fuchs will incorporate into a rewrite, the insiders told TheWrap. The studio plans to show the rewrite to Bay to see if they can make a deal, the insiders said.




i mean...he's always been a dumb parody character to me, maybe this works somehow 

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