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so, finally got to watch this with donny, space, panch & shay - this was awesome! it was definitely more Infernal Affairs mixed in, i loved that & the crazy yakuza stuff, plus the awesome car chase scene also served to break things up a bit (versus fighting floor to floor in part 1). i can definitely see people liking the balls-to-the-wall action of part 1 more, but i just loved all the places this one took it, was one of the few 2 and a half hour flicks ive seen lately where i didn't want it to end.


also the 2nd-to-last fight with the blade guy was just incredible, both in its choreography & brutality. i'd kill to see it done with blood packets somehow, but it's a minor gripe after these guys keep raising the bar on fight scenes...also, the finale felt right out of Hotline Miami, for me. damn, i loved this.

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I was really bummed there was so much shaky-cam during the fight sequences in Raid 2. I got so nauseated watching it, I had to stop a little less than halfway through. But what I saw was incredibly brutal and awesome! These movies are just so damn entertaining! I think I prefer the first Raid because of the creativity in having it contained to one building (and 'cause I could sit through the entire thing with no vertigo!).

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