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2018, apparently


While we’ve known for some time that Warner Bros. had a Scooby-Doo reboot planned for 2018, we learned much more about the project at CinemaCon 2016. One big revelation is that the movie will be titled S.C.O.O.B., and that it’ll launch a whole new wave of potentially interlocking Hanna-Barbera movies. Yes, that’s right — Warner Bros. is planning a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe.


How this will work was not explained, as we were only shown a brief glimpse of concept art featuring Scooby-Doo and some sketches of other Hanna-Barbera characters. The exact quote used in a much longer over-arching WAG sizzle reel was that the film will be “our first shot at unlocking the whole Hanna-Barbera Universe.”



hopefully it's none of the reboot stuff?




This title is Scooby Doo meets the Walking Dead. Fred and Daphne are former YouTube sensations with a Mythbusters type program. Trying to hold on to the last remnants of their fifteen minutes of fame, they head to Burning Man (yes, Burning Man) to try and debunk sightings of strange creatures. They come across an underground think tank filled with genius level millennials (including Velma Dinkley), who develop an app that will release nanobots onto the world that affects brain chemistry to end world suffering. Suffice to say, it has the opposite effect and it’s up to Fred, Velma, Daphne, the genetically modified Scooby and his “dog whisperer” Shaggy to stop this now global threat.




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I guess if there are any other talking animals in the Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe - they need to be genetically modified. Can't wait for...uh, I can't - what a horrible approach.


Feels doomed to fail before it's even off the ground.


They need to come out the gate w/ some major property that sets the tone and logic of a universe that is mainly inhabited by anthropomorphic animals...that chill side-by-side w/ everyday humans...sometimes even co-workers! If done right and smart - it can be an insanely unique venture / cinematic experience that could / should leave the audience feeling hopeful for the next H-B property that gets a live-action treatment...of which, there is an almost endless supply of potentially lucrative franchises.


I don't recognize this. I think stuff like Johnny Quest n' Herculoids has a good chance at making a splash w/ a concept / design update...but I think they could really paint themselves in a corner w/ this Scooby approach.


But, that's me!

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I still think it's an alright adaption for 1994 - Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble? Great laugh, but - naw. The bluray transfer looks...horrible. Better than DVD, but - I waited forever to see this in 1080p (along w/ Casper - which does looks great on blu) - all those costumes, sets / props, primitive cg...all smothered w/ a really sad transfer. Hopes it gets a re-release sometime w/ proper effort put into a transfer that does the insane work done on this flick some justice - but that'll probably never happen.


Anybody actually own any of Hanna-Barbera's previous live-action efforts? Or even like any?

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