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Coming from Gameforms.com...


Nintendo reveals Game Boy Advance SP


Finally, Nintendo has officially revealed what many gamers have been eagerly awaiting: a new "premium" version of the Game Boy Advance that won't need a direct light source to play.


The new smaller system, called the Game Boy Advance SP, has a front-lit screen that flips open like a cell phone; the light is toggled via a button on the front. When closed it is a mere 3.5 inches square and one inch thick, weighing approximately 5 ounces. It supports games from every previous Game Boy system, with cartridges loading through the bottom.


Buying new batteries for your GBA will be a thing of the past, as the new handheld contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. According to Nintendo, the battery should provide enough power for 10 hours with the front light on or 18 hours with it off. They estimate the battery, which takes three hours to fully charge, will last three years before it needs to be replaced.


The system will first debut in Japan on February 14 for 12,500 yen, followed by a US release on March 23 for $99.95 and a March 28 European release priced between 129 and 139 Euros. It will initially be available to American gamers in two colors: cobalt (blue) and platinum, while gamers in Japan and Europe may also buy it in black. Nintendo has stated that it will continue to sell standard GBA units for the same price as before ($70 in the US).


The GBA SP has the same buttons as its predecessor, though the compact design may make the L and R buttons more difficult to use. Despite rumors to the contrary, Nintendo has not added X and Y buttons to its handheld. The one thing that is noticeably missing is a headphone jack; headphones will only be useable by plugging an adapter (sold separately) into the power adapter port.



...a rechargable battery, back-lighting, and all the badass games that've come out for GBA so far, not to mention hooking up to my gamecube and even being small enough to sneak around at work? Our father, who art in heaven, Nintendo be thy name. :D



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If it fits...

Cmon now, this thing looks really cool, as long as the screen's not too small to read shit. Have you seen the recent games for this thing? Mario Kart, Metroid, Zelda, Street Fighter, Castlevania...its like a portable SNES. I cant wait to get one, was just waiting on backlighting.

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OMG.... there is a suggestion on the page that involves 2 GBAs.. who has 2 GAMEBOY ADVANCES?


oh yeah, and the page does mention this:


Mr. Resetti

Reset the Gamecube during the game. Start the game again and Mr. Resetti will appear to complain. Repeat this to make him more angry.


yeah, they seem to know that guy too.

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  • 1 year later...

Good pics...id get Zelda, that Castlevania one, Metroid Fusion and a few RPGs myself.


Oh, WarioWare Inc is a cool one, Junkerseed got me onto that...its a better multiplayer/party game tho, i think. Its made for low attention spans...a series of random mini-games, but really fun shit. I liked it on the Gamecube.

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