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The Eight Devils Of Kimon VS The Gung-Ho Guns

Reverend Jax

Which team would have the last man standing?  

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*SPOILER WARNING* For those of you yet to see Trigun, the pictorial list of Gung-Ho Guns has some spoilers, as in Gung-Ho Guns you aren't supposed to know are Gung-Ho Guns until a certain point in the series. Quickly scroll passed them below. Hmm, 'quickly scroll'? I guess I could as you to 'ninja scroll passed them'! HAHAHAHA! But I won't.


The Eight Devils of Kimon: The nintendoesque mini-bosses gang loyal to Gemma, as seen in the movie Ninja Scroll.










The Gung-Ho Guns: The nintendoesque mini-bosses gang loyal to Knives, as seen in the series Trigun.












For those of you who remember the story well, there was another, but he doesn't count, at least for this fight, the Devil of Kimon are already outnumbered.


This fight would not include Gemma or Knives. Ok, then...FIGHT!


Those who have seen both know both are a team of true bad-asses. The unfortunate inevitablity is that someone who has only seen either Trigun or Ninja Scroll will say how cool the one he saw was, and jibber-jabber on with his ignorant opinion (that's yer all's queue to do exactly that for comical intent).


Oh well, FIGHT!

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**Haven't seen the gung ho guns but hers a vote anyway :sly: **


Ninja scroll was a bad ass movie, but Jubei took down the devils pretty damn quick all by his lonesome. Can't say I can really see them winning an all out brawl. I'm sure they'll probably take out a couple of the others by trickery but ones "the guns get drawn" so to speak I think they'd go down.

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*Tons of Ninja Scroll & Trigun spoilers but then if youre readin this youve either already seen this shit or arent gonna, sadly.



Ok, figured Id come back now that Im almost finished with the series (took an quite a few plot turns, at that..)


This is kinda tricky, despite the outnumbering the devils are left with. It's tricky cause in both teams, more than half the squad gets dealt with by their story's respective main charcter in five minutes or less.


The power players the devils really have are: 1st one Stone guy, he was tough and Jubei only won 'cause rockman was poisoned.

(how did that second one there, the gay one, die again? Need to watch that movie again i guess)

The blind guy was tough, took some strategy to beat him.

The explosion chick couldve been tough but circumstances made her shit...even the cool claw guy died quick.


The gun ho guns...the cyclops chick was hard, till Vash found out her secret anyway.

A lotta joke characters here tho....the roly-poly guy was a fool but took a while to beat. The ninelive guy wouldve been trouble out of those circumstances, and i wouldve like to have seen the blade fight more.

Funky red-eyed guy wasnt so tough, but was a good fight for Wolfwood.

I think i see Jazz man next episode, so ill hold my vote till then. I dunno, maybe cause Jubei was harder off without guns, but im lookin to give this one to the Kimon devils.

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The gay one died when the explosion chick killed him.


The jazz man is a fucking badass. But legato (with the white coat with the spike comign out of the shoulders) is the hardest one. He's not a gung-ho gun evitently according to the list I found online with the pictures. The last episode with knives kinda stresses how equally match him and Vash are. Enjoy.

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Alright, finished Trigun...that was pretty cool. Yahven mightve been right bout a rushed endin, tho.

...Jazz man seemed cool but didnt get a lotta screen time, i think if i saw him more (or blue haired-skull guy was on the roster) i might go for the gung-ho guns, but if he's not on the list, ill give it to the kimon devils..pound for pound i think the teams tougher, but if they fought each other...itd be interestin.

Now, how bout Vash vs Jubei? Actually, that leads me to somethin i was thinkin of brining here: Wizard ran a series of anime vs comic battles few monhts back for fun: Superman Vs Goku, Wolverine Vs Manji (Blade of the Immortal, damn good fight), and Vash vs Spider-Man. If i can find some of the concept art, i think ill start a few of them as polls.

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  • 3 years later...

Ninja Scroll was one of the first anime flicks to come to the US and one of the first I saw. It's a must in your collection, methinks. I've had people tell me how big anime fans they are and what not, but NEVER seen Ninja Scroll! I'm like, YOU are not allowed to call yourself that until you watch this movie.


I haven't finished watching TriGun yet... but so far the 8 Devils of Kimon are pretty hard to beat... unless of course you're Jubei Kabagami. My favorite devil was the BLind dude, Utsutsu mujuro. What an incredible swordsman. Shit, I bet if Kagero wouldn't have intervened during the fight, Jubei might have lost.



As soon as I finish Trigun, I'll comment on which side is the real devil.

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In light of Vash's secret powers...yeah i love Jubie but he's out of his league.

Ill find that concept art, it was cool shit.

Nick never did fidn that concept art. Yet another broken promise by Nicholas Custer, a drop in an infinite sea.


Yahven mightve been right bout a rushed endin, tho.

Law of averages I guess. The more random crap you spew out, the more likely something bound to be right.

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Nick never did fidn that concept art. Yet another broken promise by Nicholas Custer, a drop in an infinite sea.


never did online, but i found the actual pages of it, its on my comic box. Once digi cam works again (hopefully this week) youre welcome to take shots again in another 2 and a half years or so.

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