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Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Yeah that fucking cool! I dont have much knowledge of Voltron honestly, but I haven't had a show give off such a Saturday morning cartoon vibe since the days I would watch Batman and Pokemon. Im sticking with this one.

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Fucking season ending cliffhanger


Not a great show, but it was entertaining. The "let's combine" segment became completely unnecessary after the third time. It's not ol' Toonami level stuff, but it's damn close - and for that I'll check out the second season.

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Well, I watched the first two episodes and it was a bit of a mixed bag. I like the animation and voice actors, but it's maybe overall a bit too, I don't want to use the word "kiddie" but I'm not thinking of a better one right now. I really like how in episode one they set up the personalities of the lions and paladins, but I honestly would've liked a bit more backstory on the lions and seeing the paladins bond and learn with the lions in episode one. Maybe there's more of this in the series as it progresses though. I'm also realizing most of my fond childhood memories of Voltron come from playing with the toys and not the TV show so much. This new design for Voltron hasn't quite grown on me yet either.

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The staff of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Netflix and Dreamworks' animated series reimagining of the 1980s Voltron series, announced at New York Comic Con on Friday that the second season will premiere on January 20, 2017.


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