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I highly recommend:


With A.Z you got 2 seasons of tight 12 episodes. Well paced. Mechs. Space civil war. Usual shenanigans.

Happy viewing!




But seriously, this anime deserves its own thread. Keith, Jon, get on this one quick!



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I've been out of the Anime viewing scene for a long time - but hearing a show has a tight smaller number of shows sounds wonderful. It's the reason I can't get into a lot of anime my friends watch (hey watch this its got like 300 episodes...and a good handful of them are crap!)

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Finished the season 2/series(?) and I thought it was great. I can see what Mal was saying about the last few episodes causing interest to be lost (it did get a little weird), but I enjoyed it. Especially that last episode. Woah. I still highly recommend this.

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