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Why Would A Man Walk Away From Shakira?


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OK, so here in Guyana, I get things late, so I'm sure you;ve all seen the Shakira Objection video (with the superheroes...)


Now, the video opens with this great dance scene and then the guy in the story cheats on Shakira!


Why the hell would any guy do that?


Oh, yeah. The song was cool too. I know Shakira will get bunched in to the same sales demographics as Britney and Aguilera now (certainly her management seems to be pushing the issue with her image) but I don;t care. We finally have a real talent WITH looks and who can dance.


Heartless: Eat me, you blond-hating Bitch.

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*in the voice of the Simpsons' comic book guy*

I concur, the beilievablity of that video's tale is awful. Just the last video, "Whenever, Wherever" we were clearly shown Shakira's ass as a force of nature (watch the tides & storms affected by the movement of her hips :D), yet we're to believe this spanish pretty-boy is able to leave her for some chick with inflatable breasts? Nonsense!

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