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hate to say it, but with all the losses we've seen so far this year, i'd been thinking about how many artist/writers i'd like to have met. coming off megacon, i got to take a few really big names off my list, but i wanted to talk about ones that are left & who else has a list of their own, as well as what stuff you have signed!


digging through an old thread, i remembered meeting Bendis at megacon in like '01 & having him sign my Ultimate Spider-Man # 1 (boy, i really don't wanna look that one up now...), wish i'dve kept it since i don't see him doing cons as much now. other stuff like Joe Mad i had from prepackaged stuff i'd bought, but i believe i still have books i'd bought signed by Gaimain & Jeff Smith, even put up a Preacher poster ysterday that i forgot Glenn Fabry had signed! also, had DMC of the hip hop duo sign his comic last year, and my record too.


Also, i'm really glad i ran into Mart Nodell years ago at a benie baby con, of all places - he was awesome, and totally got a kick out of messing with me. I took way too long to frame this fantastic GL poster he signed, and years later when i finally had the $ to buy a prop ring off him, he sent it with a really great letter too!


so here's a sorta bucket list of creators/etc i'd dig:

  • Alan Moore - ahahaha man i don't know if this guy's done a con in decades (and recent DC actions make it feel even less likely), but a man can dream
  • Garth Ennis - i really wanted to meet dude/get something signed in the early aughts, after Preacher & Hitman in particular, but i believe he's also notorious for not liking cons
  • Mike Mignola - he still does stuff, but it's been a while since he's been anwyhere near here!

I was gonna say Sam Keith, but space just pointed me out to Boston con this year that he's attneding, so hopefully there's a chance someday! i missed Bill Seinkiewicz a while back too. what about ya'll?

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I think this goes here...


Newtype would prolly get a kick outta this:








It's Larry David!  And me - on the verge of freakin' tears!


LOL - his sig is already framed.  Great, dry sense of humor - razor freakin' wit.  He trolled these 'young adults' that came up and asked if he was the guy who created Ducktales.  He just stared at me - and stone-faced just said yes - and also took credit for creating Donald Duck...back in 1934.  They were amazed...and then just kept walking.  I died.


Fun facts:  His favorite comic series is Tales From the Crypt and the first comic Carl Barks ever read was 'Little Nemo'.



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