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  • 2 years later...

Sorry for the necromancy but has anyone else been playing SoT since launch? I came back in because Gamepass was like $1 for a month so hopped back in and they've added so much. Its still fundamentally the same game but with so much more to do.


Additions so far (this is pre mega-patch expected later this year)
Multiple types of Megaladons

The Kraken

Ghost Ships for some PvE ship to ship.

Cargo Run Merchant Missions

Proper inventory management

"Curse" balls which are cannonballs that have status effects on either ships or players

Brigantine Ships (3 man ships)

A map expansion including volcanic islands

"Crates" that hold up to 50 cannonballs, bananas, or planks that have a high value if turned in for Merchant rep.


And we're expecting Fishing and Cooking mechanics in the next big update as well as secret campaigns that make you find underwater caves and the like.

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That said, last night I hopped on for an hour with a regular crew I play with and we proceeded to, in this order:

Raid an inactive skull fort for its gunpowder, take out a Ghost Ship, head to an active Skull Fort, getting attacked by a Megladon along the way that we killed,and take out the crew who was already there. Get all the loot from that ship and the fort added to what we got from the Ghost Ship and Megladon, sink another Ghost Ship and get its loot and then turn all that in at the nearest Outpost. An ok crew probably would have sunk twice in all that. We did not.

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