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remember ALF? the guy in the suit died





Michu Meszaros, the circus star who played "ALF" for four seasons, has passed ... his longtime manager, Dennis Varga, confirmed to TMZ.


He'd been rushed to an L.A. hospital over a week ago after being found unresponsive at his home and had been in a coma since.


Michu was born in Hungary and began performing in the circus in his teens. He was only 33 inches tall coining him the unofficial title as "the smallest man on earth." He eventually joined Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus in the '70s.


He was close friends with Michael Jackson after the pop star saw him perform. Michu was reportedly a regular at Neverland Ranch, present during MJ's courtship to Lisa Marie and even knew Michael's kids.


He landed the role of walkaround ALF in the '80s.


Varga has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral costs and medical bills.


Michu was 76.



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Alf was my shit. When I was younger I had an Alf puppet I believe came from Pizza Hut and I still miss that damn thing. Hmm. I wonder if it's up in the attic...I really need to brave the spiders and see what treasures wait for me up there!


RIP Michu!

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I actually remember those things. Man, I would love an Alf plush - I've always wanted one. Here's a pic I found on google of one from the era - '87.




Now w/ the figure / replica market being very a-buzz - it'd be super-awesome if they put out an updated plush that looked pretty close to model.






I'd probably get 'em both - that '87 plush does look really good! LOL!

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