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that's considered a western? gotta get around to that one


yeah, this was a really great one after finally seeing the Proposition, i love dark westerns and the sense of foreboding is just heavy here, can totally see watching this one again

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It's not really a western but it falls under the umbrella for a lot of people. Don't get in any hurry. It's a pretty boilerplate revenge story, but Innaratu also manages to make it one excruciatingly long uninterrupted shot up his own ass. It's a decent hour and a half movie trapped inside a 2 and a half hour movie. Pretentious as fuck. I was underwhelmed with The Hateful 8 (everything after the intermission completely undercut all the great stuff before it. Also Sammy J's dick-sucking story was a bit much.) but it was a much better film than The Revenant. They still both pale in comparison to this.


This was masterfully made, though. They made it in like two weeks, apparently filming 24 hours straight at one point. You can kinda tell with the sparse sets at the beginning. But it's just so well put together. Richard Jenkins never would've gotten nominated but he totally deserves an Oscar for his performance and Matthew Fox surprised the hell out of me. It's pretty impressive when Patrick Wilson and Kurt Russell turn in characteristically solid performances and turn out to be the less memorable cast members.


You might check out The Burrowers. It's in a very similar vein and it's got some dodgy CG but it'd be right up your alley. Since I know you're lazy:https://kat.cr/the-burrowers-2008-720p-bluray-h264-aac-rarbg-t11104278.html

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