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Kellogg's to open upscale cereal bar in NYC


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Kellogg's just opened their first-ever upscale cereal bar (they're calling it a cafe) in New York City, where you can get yourself a bowl of your favorite Kellogg's cereal topped off with more chef-driven ingredients such as lime zest, green tea powder, and thyme.


Rather than a pop-up, the Kellogg's NYC cafe is a permanent shop meant to drive more interest and intrigue towards the breakfast staple (which has been slipping in popularity) and perhaps encourage similar experimentation at home.


Most of the menu features cereal bowls with various toppings but also includes ice cream, juices, milk, and locally-produced coffee. Cereal bowls include creations from chef Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar fame as well as build-your-own options.


Pricing is definitely aimed at the tourist set with prices starting at $6.50 for a small topped cereal bowl.


The food comes to you out of a numbered cabinet door, which also allows them to sometimes surprise guests with a little something extra.


The cafe/cereal bar is located at 1600 Broadway between 48th & 49th streets in the heart of Times Square. It's currently open with limited hours but will begin regular hours from 7 AM to 11 PM daily once they have their grand opening on July 13, 2016.





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yeah, id mostly be down to just sample a whole buncha cereals id not normally buy/never be exposed to since we don't do sleepovers much these days


And they had a toppings bar like at a frozen yogurt shop! It was MADNESS! Oh the gastrointestinal abuse...

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Holy buzzkill, guys. It's not that expensive, when you buy one box at a time. The novelty in the place I used to go to was trying a bunch at the same time (nothing "exotic," just stuff you wouldn't buy an entire box of without knowing if you'd like it), and mixing them like a mad cereal scientist. So Nick could try like five new cereals for $5 versus spending $25 for all of them at the grocery store.

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