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beat me to it!




It's the ultimate Sonic celebration! Sonic returns in a new 2D platforming high speed adventure, and he's not alone!


Developed in collaboration between SEGA, Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games, experience new zones and remixed classic levels with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles!




day 1 so hard all over my face yasss queen

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i am trying so hard to not watch gameplay videos, but i caved on this one....this is easily one of my most hyped releases this year still! check out what happens to the spike bridge at 1 minute in, wasn't expecting that


still have my PS4 preorder in but kinda wishing i went switch, especially with rumors that the AU version might see a physical release? guess we'll see....anyway, PANCH GET IN HERE

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right? i legit wish we could just call this Sonic 4 and pretend that experiment didn't happen


im not watching any more stuff cause i wanna see new zones live when it drops, but the physics, the level design...this really looks like the one ive been wanting since '94

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August 15th can't come quick enough!




Loving that 'hand drawn' aesthetic / theme they went w/ in the ad - between this, Wonder Boy and ToeJam n' Earl's look - I am fucking loving this trend. Hope it keeps up.


No PS3? :(




All signs point to: 'Next Gen is here.' ...and also 'Give us all your money.'

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yeah, my IG is full of pics of that box, haha.


this game really is the goods - you revisit some classic stages (with new stuff) and the new ones so far are fantastic & feel like true additions to the classic series, and most importantly, the physics feel right. that absolutely makes or breaks this series and it controls much how you remember it, from momentum in loop de loops & bumpers down to simple platforming.


i'm debating restarting to get more emeralds as i go, but ive unlocked a competitive & other modes so far too. so glad i got this on switch, i see myself wanting to play this on the go sometimes too!


really sucks that we can't all just pretend 4 never happened & call this that, cause it really is the follow up to sonic & knuckles i'd always wanted.

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