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Rumor: next Mad Max film to start filming later this year in Australia


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Miller, Hardy and Theron to return. Rumor originates from Page 13 in the Herald Sun times. The "Exclusive" article is behind a subscription pay wall but madmaxmovies.com have the write up:



Mad Max prequel coming to Australia



Alice Coster, Herald Sun

September 16, 2016 12:00am


FUEL up! The next Mad Max is returning to Australia for the latest instalment of the dystopian juggernaut.


The prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road starring TOM HARDY will be filmed in and around Broken Hill. Director GEORGE MILLER is known for keeping any developments with his projects closely guarded secrets, but Page 13 has the inside scoop from a highly placed onset source.


Pre-production is gearing up on the multi-million-dollar action-packed Warner Bros franchise, with NSW’s Broken Hill Studios Miller’s first choice for shooting, which could start as soon as later this year. Mad Max 4 was plagued by delays when extended rain turned the desert green and the uber director had to move location to Namibia.


But now Broken Hill is back on the barren horizon for the next post-apocalyptic instalment, with the working title Mad Max: The Wasteland. The studio all but confirmed the exciting news, before citing a well-rehearsed line: “We would certainly welcome Mad Max coming back to its spiritual home.”


The script is said to focus on the backstory of Furiosa, played by Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON.


Hardy and Theron were famously at loggerheads during Fury Road. Method actor Hardy was said to be difficult, but nothing compared with high-maintenance Theron. But after the runaway success of Mad Max 4, the Monster actor is said to be chomping at the bit to be part of the blockbuster, opening her schedule and losing some of the ’tude.


No word yet if original road warrior MEL GIBSON will make an appearance but there would be no need to fear a Mad Mel tirade given the franchise’s scripts are famously word wastelands.

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Eh, the comic wasn't so much Furiosa's origin as it was an explanation of how she and he wives conspired to leave The Citadel. But in all seriousness why would anybody want to see a movie about Furiosa being kidnapped during the collapse, being raised amongst Joe and his raiders, and rising to the rank of Imperator amongst his people? Half the appeal is not knowing why she has a robot arm or how she's seemingly the only woman in all of Joe's society with any agency. If they're going to do more Furiosa then they need to move forward, not back.

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