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Right, so, after Jay's crazy-hype i finally got back to this one & tied it up. Its worth noting: his taste in insane. he doesnt enjoy good games like Arkham Asylum or good cities like San Fran, but he knows comics, even if he says shit like "better than preacher!" which frankly everyone else in this particular forum has wrongly said at least once. ok, that said: this was good, if not better than volume 1. I remember thinking he'd run out of material in this pro-reg world, but the concepts get explored far more than Marvel proper.

Calista's just awesome, and Walker as the basically Green Lantern...i gotta see more of this, frankly. Its also yet to be seen if the new by-the-books partner can lighten up, but (im assuming # 30 tied up volume 2, yeah? was that solicit at the end of it for #31 bullshit, or am i missing an arc?) man, Deena really came out on top, in a way that's only slightly reminiscent of Vic Mackie in the Shield. Vic didnt have 3 mil on an island, is the thing, but you get my point.

whole series very much remains tradeworthy, cant wait for volume 3.

I wanted to like Arkham so bad, and one day will climb that mountain. In other news, Fuck San Fransisco. Glad you liked Powers though. It's a great read, and I too look forward to checking out volume 3 which may or may not be due Feb(was the date I heard).
I'm on issue 4 right now and so far it's a damn good read. JZA's bold statement may just be trufax. . .I'm definitely looking forward to an FX series of this. I heard a radio interview w/ Bendis last month and it appears to be on track to actually get tot he airwaves this time. I hope the series isn't JINX'd

(lulz! bendis pun. i so clever. blargh.)

Also, all the talk and text I've read on an FX series has me quite hot & heavy.
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...anyone else read volume 3 # 1 yet? off to a crazy start -


Bendis is bound to make us like the new partner eventually (even if just in the "we're in this together" sense that, like Walker said, no one else'll have them...but man, this Rat Pack flashback thing is kinda outta nowhere! fun shit so far, wanna see where it goes.


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ah, you're early in volume 1 then, yeah? good times ahead.


RayRay - yeah, you shouldve seen the texts i was sending him that night. "So yeah, would you bang Deena Pilgrim? that's the question in this car. how's the reaggeton going for you over there?"

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"Why didn't they send Shane?! Why am I with all the ladies! I thought this was the Custer car! NOW THEY'RE GONNA TALK ABOUT POWERS WITHOUT ME ARGHHHH Oh, this is a good song." -Jay


In my defence I was leaving what was shaping up to be a very in-depth Powers discussion to hang with the Cotton Canoe Mafia

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EW drops graphic novels in their books section often, butt he fact they listed it as the number 3 coolest thing in the world of entertainment, not just books, is a pretty big promo for the bok. They also mentioned the series being in development @ FX a while back, so I think we'll get it maybe in the summer if we're not JINX'D. Hahaha! Benids pun! God damn I'm funny. Carry on...

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... Carrying on with Powers discussion- who has a favourite arc/volume? As stated above, pending my completed reread, Supergroups has to be about my favourite. we see Bendis enter some dark territory with

the FG3 set up, the death of Ben Marley(awesome) and Zora(sad as shit), Walker at his absolute lowest and off the force.

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Anyone caught #2 yet? Yet another thing I never thought I'd see in a comic can be checked off as

Walker flings a newborn baby onto a spike- in a dream sequence of course

. Interesting to see Bendis' take on the golden age as well as meta's contribution to WWII, looks like we may finally see a darker path in the history of Walker.

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not yet, but reading your impression (id been waiting for that angle, dude cant've been alive this long and not done some shady shit, right?), im even more excited about this volume. usually, when writers have some highlander-type character with a long past life, their present isnt nearly as interesting for me. introducing this angle 3 volumes in with a really fleshed-out world only adds to the universe its in, i think.

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Hmm... Looks like a photogenic Gilbert Gottfried. I worry he's going to try too hard to make us laugh, but hopefully the sun's just in his eyes in all those shots.


Otherwise, anyone reading the current run? 2nd arc has just started and it's somewhat better than the first. Time will tell if it lives up to the Volumes 1 & 2 shadow though.

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<a href="http://imgur.com/WQwujGa"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/WQwujGa.png" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>


Powers: Bureau. Another successful reinvention of a book that is almost too diverse for it's theoretical limitations.


Obviously it's not a book for everyone since I'm the only person keeping up with it but Volume 4(?) has really shaken up the status quo as this book keeps moving from strength to strength. Admittedly the last 11 issues fell a little flat compared to the rest of the series, but the new book looks to be taking things in an interesting new direction. For those who haven't read and are thinking of hitching on now below are a list of key events broken down by volume(there was prose but I decided I'd sooner not be henpecked by you cunts).


Volume 1: Who Killed Retro Girl through to Ape Rape



Christian Walker rescues a child from a costumed hostage situation. Her name is Calista but you shouldn't care for few years. To Bendis' credit though, he clearly lays some big foundations here.

Deena Pilgrim meets Christian Walker. They like to talk a lot.

Pilgrim & Walker are tasked with finding the killer of beloved heroine Retro Girl.

Over the course of the investigation we discover Walker used to be a costumed hero called Diamond, but he no longer has powers.

Jon Jackson, Retro Girl's killer is brought to justice by Triphammer(think Iron Man)

Johnny Stompinato, crime kingpin and constant thorn in the Police' side is gunned down by an unknown assailant after Pilgrim accidentally takes his arm while he's actively teleporting

Queue a few more cases to get the pair comfortable with eachother and to flesh out the world they inhabit

Boogie Girl, member of federally-funded supergroup FG3 has a psychotic break after her teammate Ben Marley dies under mysterious circumstances. She kills Zora, another costumed heroine who was engaged to Walker

In the course of investigating Ben Marley's death Walker is approached by the last surviving member of the group Wazz, who reveals that Ben Marley was infact killed by his government handlers before killing himself.

Walker is fired for making this information public

Walker is reinstated when Harvey Goodman, leader of an anti-powers group tries to kill him under the guise of wishing to confess.

Walker & Pilgrim investigate the murder of Red Hawk(Batman), and it all goes pear shaped when Supershock(Superman) is revealed to be responsible, having lost his mind and detonates a nuclear-powered teammate in the Arizona desert, melts the Pope and causes widespread chaos and panic as a result. The whole thing ends with Starbright(Wonderwoman complete with men-ipulation) convinces him to cease to exist. I wanna say the Beyonder was beaten that way once too.

Walker is an ape at the dawn of man. He fucks some and fights a similarly-gifted ape with a predeliction for violence

Walker is a Barbarian. He fucks some and fights a the same warrior who was previously an ape too.

Walker is a pilgrim(HAW) searching for a hidden temple in which he meets others like him with abilities. No Red stripe but we meet Zora, Supershock, and what is clearly an earlier incarnation of Retro Girl

Walker is a palooka and a dockworker in the 30's. He meets Albert Einstein and fucks some they speculate the nature of his abilities and his stubborn refusal to die. Queue Red Stripe who kills Walker's (late) wife and vamooses

Walker has a mullet because it's the 80's, bitch. He also has regular threeways with Zora and Retro Girl. His nemesis now goes by the name Wolf and has developed what appears to be a french accent. Triphammer and his awesome rats tail develop the first power drainer, and Walker gets a taste of normal.

Walker flies himself and Wolf into said drainer leaving them both depowered.

Wolf regains his abilities, blows up Walkers apartment before dying on the roof hoping to take Walker out too.



Volume 2: Damnit, Deena.


Due to the Supershock event use of powers is now illegal

A new Retro Girl appears

While investigating a powers-related homicide Pilgrim is abducted by The Bug who proceeds to infect her with a Powers virus

Pilgrim uses said abilities to escape captivity but tells noone of her ordeal or powers

The new Retro Girl is revealed to be Calista from waaay back in #1. She explains that there has always been and always will be a Retro Girl or similar

Pilgrim kills her ex-boyfriend in self-defense, unfortunately with her newly-acquired powers virus and successfully covers up the murder

Walker agrees to train Calista

Walker & Pilgrim investigate the death of a Millenium Guardsman(think Lantern) and Walker meets Heather

Pilgrim is being openly investigated by IA relating to the death of Johnny Royale and more recently the disappearance of her late ex.

Walker is approached by the Millenium Guard to become Earth's new protector. He accepts and obtains new abilities on the proviso that he only use his abilities in the line of duty

Pilgrim is about to ask Walker for help when his new apartment is blown up by the devil(we think) and he is revealed to have Powers

Pilgrim vanishes

The powers virus runs rampant and Calista goes undercover to find the source. She then finds Pilgrim who has been killing her way up the chain as well

Triphammer, who lost a daughter to the virus comes up with a vaccine & cure

Pilgrim is brought in, cured and retired for contracting the virus in the line of duty. Any past misdeeds are considered acts of temporary insanity from the virus

Pilgrim goes to Maui and fills out a two-piece quite nicely

Walker carries on with training Calista and Millenium Guard duties



This is a lot wordier than I intended so apologies in advance if you for whatever reason felt compelled to read through that.

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Did anyone finish this? It had a stupid schedule and frustratingly stopped on an #7 in the middle of finally providing vital context of Walker and the Wolfe's relationship. 


Queue two-odd years later and we get a 20th anniversary special that wraps up the last issue and tells a new story set 20 years after the Retro Girl murder. 


And the Brat pack arc weas cool but really didn't fit with the characters so I'd probably tell new readers to quit at 25 coolest dead superheroes of all time. 

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you're talking that last icon run yeah? i don't remember how far i got, i know we were thoroughly in walker flashback highlander arc though


i grabbed the anniversary one but haven't read it yet, good to know it kinda wraps stuff up...i think bendis lost steam trying to force the show to happen, never got around to that either but i'd assumed it didn't go well

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Oof. Such polite discourse until you brought up the show.


Yeah, it's closure. And similar to how I feel about Clerks, I'll follow these guys into a clumsy cash in(and at this point Bendis would either have been at DC or where he is now: Dark Horse, so it's probably published by Jinxworld or something.

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On 8/2/2022 at 1:17 AM, alive she cried said:

So wait, is this finally wrapped up? I fucking loved this book, but just couldn't keep track of what was releasing when. I'd love to just start it again from the start and read it beginning to end. 

Yeah, about as done as it gets. Just don't jump the gun like I did and look for the rest of Volume 4-5-whatever. It stops at #8 unexpectedly and doesn't get wrapped up until the 20th Anniversary special.

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