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Super Mario Odyssey


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oh, and New Donk City with the humans? someone noticed this detail:










been waiting on something more in the vein of Mario 64 forever, and this looks a lot more like it...can't wait!






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...It'd be awesome if there's an easter egg of Captain Lou's face somewhere - like Mario used to look human...before 'he found the secret warp zone, while workin' on the drain' and learned that 'Mushroom Land needed savin.'

That would be sweet. Or maybe a Capt. Lou powerup where Mario gets earrings and a beard braided and tied off with rubber bands.



Seeing this reminds me I never finished Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii. I may have to dust that console off and give it a go.


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I'm really excited but I'm also concerned, it's nice to see Nintendo actually try to do something interesting with Mario for the first time since Super Mario Galaxy 2 and he hat mechanic seems neat. But... I'm getting a real strong Sonic Adventure vibe off of this and even though it's totally unfair to hold that against it, I do.

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Sonic Adventure


is a timeless gem



it really was amazing for its time, but a lot of neat things it did were done better not too much long after - level design was woefully inconsistent, the numerous characters bogged it down, etc. i love it but it doesn't hold up great


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This just had one of the best last levels in a Mario game ever. So much fun! The only part I felt was underwhelming was the music actually. I was looking forward to some more catchy tunes, and while it does have a couple (mainly in the form of the actual songs with lyrics) it is a quiter game and the music feels more generic. Thats a minor gripe though. The game is excellent otherwise! Plus there is a fun photo mode and Im a sucker for that.

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I'm 4 hours in -


"It looks...marvelous - it really does."



That pack-in joy-con 'gamepad' thingie that's like, a make-shift controller...the joysticks are soooo tiny!  The L / R, LB / RB are so damn close to each other - and tiny!  Awkward as hell to do those sprinting - crouch jumps.  It just never felt comfortable.


After the beat the Dino Island tutorial place - I plugged in the Gamecube controller - wooorld of difference.  Super tight controls - bigger joystick range - just changed the gameplay entirely, for me.  You miss out on the rumble feature and motion controls - but I can play w/out that 'homing hat' and 'spin hat-attack'.


You're basically committing to missing sum 'moons' / 'collectibles' the first time around - but Mario w/ the Gamecube controller is totally worth it.  I already missed out on this one 'secret moon' - cuz it required me to 'feel' n' follow the rumble - so I once I beat the game, I'm gonna hafta replay w/ the pack-in controller if I ever hope to go for 100%.  A Pro Controller feels mandatory...but, eventually.  Shit ain't cheap!


Amiibo unlock outfits!  Playing as 'ol skoo' Mario.



So far, the game is a helluva return to form.  But, 3 / 10.  Joy-con controller / gamepad was initially weird.  Wake up, Nintendo!  LOL - :wink:


I can't wait to really open the game up.  Gonna take my time w/ this.

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