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What animated show did you just finish?

Da Cap'n 2099

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Erased. (season 1)




Satoru has the power to go back in time 5 minutes. With that power, he helps people. Until something goes wrong and he goes waaay back. Back to when he was 11 when a famous killer was on the loose. Does he panic? Nah, now he has the chance to help even more people. But can he catch the killer... or become the next victim?


I really liked this anime. Cool mystery. Takes a while to get to the point, but once it does, it's satisfying.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender. (season 2)




A little bit more put together than the first season, this one gives me high hopes for the future of this show. Fun. Funny. And some great action. This shines. Sure, they borrowed some famous movie storylines, but it didn't bother me. Just keep making the seasons better as they go along and I'll keep watching.


Also: Voltron > Power Rangers all day.

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I don't know if I techincally 'finished' it - but I watched all their was on Netflix...


BERSERK: The Golden Age Trilogyb10f5ad1546bf0722149b08460cf0019459d9787


I'm extremely inexperienced when it comes to anime - Ghibli stuff compiles the most of my anime xp...w/ sum Ninja Scroll and Akira.


I saw that there's a couple o' Berserk threads already - but, thought I'd toss this in here as it's something I just 'finished'.


Um...WHAT THE...?!  LOL - did not the expect that level of 'adult-mature-audiences-only-material' materials.  LOL - pretty intense.  It kept me engaged all the way through.  Totally interested in seeing how it would all play out.  My only critique is:  'that's it?!'  It all just ended - would have loved to see more - and what the next chapter is.  I have zero knowledge on this series - only jumped in on Panch's recommend and a taste of was shoved in my face: my gfs nieces n' nephews love Berserk.


Gonna check out the Berserk threads n' maybe sum googlin' to comprehend just what in the hell I walked into - LOL

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Welcome to the club. As Panch would say, if you want more then read the Manga. That trilogy you watched is not bad, but the 1997 anime is the real good shit. It just looks so much better and I'd say the ending is even more of a gut punch.


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