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My tats are kinda like merit badges. I got this one after we won a cosplay competition as Alucard and Maria years ago.  

Yeah but they could have posted that on a pachinko machine and you could have said that

These are cool - these cartoonist / animator's vids are 5 years apart...(2011 n' 2016) interesting leap in quality.       ^ Y'know this is gonna be the Netflix series (Season 1 n' 2) - I'll b

yeah, it's balls to the wall compared to s01 - I'm on ep 7 now and just mad this isn't a game cause konami is a shithouse



thinking next year is the one where i finally go back and complete all the mainline games

wait this isn't a spoiler at all 

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Finally got around to finishing S2 tonight and man this whole season was just insane. 


That Bloody Tears fight with that group of vamps at the end was one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen, period. They choreographed that amazingly.

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