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French Fries


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Curry fries look...interesting. I wanna try them! And 5 Guys fries are better than their burgers! I like the burgers but they HURT. So greasy.


NZA bought fries after making this thread and we destroyed them. But I still want more. I need to stop coming here.

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1.Mickey' D's are still my favorite fry.

2.Rally's/Checker's cajun curly fries would be second. (I'm going off on nostalgia here mostly since all the chains in my area have been closed for the past 15 years or so.)

3.I dig a good sweet potato fry, too. I can't think of a chain off the top of my head that does a good one though; I mostly get those from local places.

4.Chic-Fil-A waffle fries are also pretty great.

5.And I guess Five Guys would round out my top 5.


I feel like fries covered in stuff should be a separate ranking. Curry fries are indeed great, Eamo! However, being an American, I would put chili-cheese fries above that. (Oddly, I don't like just cheese on my fries. I gots to have the chili.) Chili cheese tots from Sonic are pretty stellar. I might even put those above fries. I've never had poutine though. Anyone in here ever try it?


Matchstick fries are one of the most worthless things ever. I'm looking at you, Steak-n-Shake.


1. Seasoned curly fries

2. Sweet potato fries

3. McDonalds fries

4-infinity. Fuck off.


1. Seasoned curly fries


1. Seasoned curly...

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