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LOZ - Breath of the Wild PRO-TIPS (SPOILERS!!!)

Little Nemo McFly

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive open-world game that encourages exploration and experimentation. Discovery is the name of the game here:


Everybody is playing this game differently. I think a thread dedicated to Tips n' Tricks - w/out the worry of spoiling the 'discovery' aspect for other players - would be cool.


Basically, a spoiler-heavy gameplay thread for everything 'Breath of the Wild'.


If you've already beaten the game, finished all the sidequests and are curious how others are playing - or what gameplay discoveries have been made...read on! Share and discuss whatever lil' bits you find!









Oookaaaay - I'll get it started:


2 things - The Thunder Helm sez you'll be immune to lightning.


I was out n' about (w/ metal gear during rain) and began to attract a lightning strike. On a whim, I thought I'd test the Thunder Helm - I put it on, thinking it would dissuade the lightning...but, I still was attracting a lightning strike. Disappointing, 'cuz I thought I could wear the Thunder Helm while carrying metal gear - and not have to swap 'em 'on n' off' taking on dudes in the rain...(that sounds wrong)


It occurred to me that my metal gear (headbang.gif) may attract lightning, but the Thunder Helm would keep me safe from it. BAM.


If you carry metal stuff in the rain, put on the Thunder Helm - you'll still be a lighting rod, but be immune to it's damage! Super-fun to attract lightning and get all up-in a baddie's face.










Another is - sitting out the rain / slippery mountains.


I tested this yesterday - totally works. If you're climbing a mountain and it starts to rain - and Revali's Gale isn't enough to get you over - throw down a piece of wood and flint, hit the flint w/ a metal weapon - build a campfire (I built my first fire yesterday) and just sit out the rain!


You just need a spot w/ cover. Sum mountains have an overhanging lip that can serve as cover. If you can't find one - just drop to the base of the mountain and find sum cover.


The alternative is to literally put the controller down and wait till the 'rain ceases to rain' or abort the mountain altogether and go explore someplace else. Basically, if you want to bypass unwanted rain in an area that is 'blocking you', find nearby cover. Nice to know.



What kinda stuffs did you find?

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Here's another:


Here's how I effortlessly, effectively kill Guardians - once you get the Master Sword, this is awesome.


Hop off your horse, or a tree or a stone wall - go slow mo. One simple, basic arrow to the eye will stun him - while he's stunned...basically, remove all his limbs! Two hits w/ the Master Sword will sever the limb you hit! Just calmly walk all around him and sever every limb, before he can get back up...he recoils whenever a limb goes. Without any legs - he don't go nowheres! Pummel.


It seems the Master Sword has enhanced durability when it's in 'glowing mode'. I've taken out like, 6 -7 Guardians running around Hyrule Field / Castle Town area and it never needed a 'breather'. What's sick is if you leave it w/ one limb...get behind a rock or something and watch him reach for you and move away when he gives up. Healthy fun!



Another bit I've noticed, I think the game's difficulty gets raised the more Korok seeds you collect.


I was exploring a swamp area, last night - that I'm pretty damn sure didn't have any Guardians in the area. I left...collected 'bout a dozen more (I'm in the high 300s) - returned to the area, pretty freakin' sure there's a Guardian that wasn't there before. My second eyebrow raise - is that I'm noticing Silver Lizalfos and Silver Bokoblins are getting a lot tougher to kill and their attacks are becoming devastating.


I'm also noticing blue and white-haired Lynels are basically all replaced w/ Silver Lynels. I'm actively looking for all the variants to take better pictures for my Compendium, but every Lynel I see, is Silver...and it feels like they've been juicing!


Anybody use a sure-fire strategy or tip they use to dominate Lynels? It's taking forever to take 'em down now. Really think the game's difficulty is evolving as I collect more seeds. I got my 80s tunic maxed-out to the max and I'm getting slaughtered where I haven't been before. (Yeah, I could just google - but...(shrugs)

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man i should've experimented with that lightning helm! one time i tried to use the smoke from a fire to let me ride up to column i couldn't reach in the rain, it sounded good but i couldn't make it work, haha.


i have nothing for Lynels. i went back to beat one post-game and it literally took my bum-ass 3 fairies and numerous healing kebabs. i was not proud.


i also couldn't pull off the trick where you throw a rusty sword into an octorok's mouth & it spits out a new one, but i've seen it done!


oh, and bishopcruz said he read some weird ass recipe that would let you make something that would allow you to pilot a guardian (?!) but i haven't followed up to see if that was some april fool's shit, haha

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Pilot a Guardian? Whuuuu......whaaaaaa....?


Dude, Silver Lizalfos are taking fairies from me. Never have been a problem before, now...freakin' Silver Moblins don't wanna go down! I really think the difficulty has been raised for me, these past few days...


Here, check it...found an EASY way to own a Lynel. Easy.


It's a gamble - sumtimes they cooperate and just spam the same attack and I'd just dodge it, go slow-mo and spam attack the crap outta 'em. I'll end up going through a few weapons - but I live. (The important part)


When I kill a Lynel, I'll get their insanely large, powerful weapon and use it on the next Lynel I find - usually lasts, about a quarter of their health. Here's the twist that happened today:


On one Lynel, I did my routine and the powerful weapon was about to break - this time, I ended up dodging a charge attack twice in a row, each time mounting him and spamming the attack - the weapon should have broke...I was waiting to swap. LOL - it. never. broke!


My brain was like, uuuhhh...it should've broke by now. I had gotten into a rhythm w/ Lynels - I had a feel when they would break...'specially when I get the 'it's about to break' notification. I've tested and confirmed - I killed a Lynel w/ a torch! Took forever, but I tested it! Your weapon durability is unaffected by...mounted attacks. Plus, you get more hits in - as opposed to standing there, squeezing in what you can before he moves. (LOL - that sounds horrible)


I always keep a torch on me and a Korok leaf - now I keep an insanely powerful weapon...reserved solely for mounted attacks on Lynels. Best time to mount him is after he does any kind of charge attack at you (runs at you) - dodge it, resist the urge to counter-spam attack and instead mount him. Catch an updraft or stay near some elevated surface and go slow-mo to fire an arrow at his face, if he decides to get saucy - that'll stun him long enough for you to mount him.


Just keep an insanely powerful weapon in your inventory and dedicate to mounted attacks. Arrow to the face. Domination.


I've had sum Silver Lynels drop freakin' star fragments...



Here's sumthing else I tried and worked - Octo-balloons!


Out in the wild, you ever find those flat...slabs of metal or stone like, that obviously need to be moved cuz they're covering sum sort of secret of something. I always just froze it and beat the crap out of it - send it flying.


I've been playing w/ those Octo-balloons (I have a ton, decided to try 'em out today) - tried to make all kinds of different crap float, I tried it on a slab - turns out just one of those can lift those slabs up! PRO-TIP!

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god, that's frustrating - ive totally seen those slabs (immune to my magnetic powers!!) and not tried an octo-balloon, haha. and wait, you're saying just mount a Lynel at the righ time & stab him then? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

also, i dont even know that i've seen a silver one, but knowing they have star fragments totally makes em worth hunting! i'm mostly doing persona for now but i'm gonna be back before the DLC later this year.


also: i suck at cooking, do you not just toss 5 raw/premium raw meats in a pot and use those stickers for health?

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i also couldn't pull off the trick where you throw a rusty sword into an octorok's mouth & it spits out a new one, but i've seen it done!


See - that's the kinda stuff that made me think we should have a thread for crazy stuff we find in the game.


I would've never ever have thought to try that - until I read it on the BotW thread. It could be considered a 'spoiler' - that discovery / ah-ha! moment is gone, but - I mean, those kinda secrets and discoveries are fun to share! Everyone has different approaches - putting in more time than others - cool to have a place to see what's crackin', mechanic-wise.


W/ those Octoroks - I've done it a few times - just gotta toss that weapon in their 'suck range'. Sometimes they spit back out sum powerful stuff. It seems random, tho - no way to tell what kinda broadsword a 'rusty broadsword' will yield.


Yeah - LOL - I spent my morning hunting Lynels w/ that mount-method, now the opportunities to mount are so slim. I think the game is studying me...I had to tape the camera eye on my gamepad. Also, the toaster's been laughing at me.


I switched up to an aggressive-stance and basically force a mount position - slow-mo arrow to the face. Simply dodging and waiting for a mount opportunity was getting frustrating. Arrow has gotta be right in his face - that headshot hit-box is so tiny! Mount and pummel w/ an insanely strong weapon, which will never break. You can just do the counter-attack-spam...but that strong weapon will go bye-bye in time.


knowing they have star fragments totally makes em worth hunting!


Well, yeah...that and - more importantly - bragging rights (very important) that you've encountered every giant monster out in the wild and have spanked it. (It keeps track) I'm going for the 'I have no life' award. LOL! happy.png




Yeah, I wanna fully-upgrade my Amiibo gear - totally going for star fragments / Silver Lynels.


Dude - when it comes to food: Radishes. A piece of any ol' meat and a radish = full recovery, plus extra hearts. I have an entire 'meal' page filled w/ a dish that's just - a radish and a piece of bird. OP - but dems my survival eats. I'm so curious as to all the kinds of dishes they programmed into the game. I wonder if there are any just - crazy-ass, easter egg concoctions. Still haven't sat and experimented w/ food. Early on I discovered the power of the radish...that was it.

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^ LOL - Fang and Bone's got sum pretty kew stuff.


I finally sat down and ran around w/ Wolf Link for a couple of hours - seeing all he can do. I was kinda hoping he could assist in pointing out Korok Seed locations. He dudn't.


I've been re-taking a lot of pictures for the Compendium (which I still haven't filled), he's great at pinpointing locations of objects you set on the radar / detector-thingie. Once you've added an entry to the Compendium - you can set the radar to ping if you're near that object again. Useful if you're looking for a specific sword or shield...or insect / animal - Wolf Link will just bee-line to it, if you're even remotely close to the area. A massive time-saver.


No Korok Seed detector to be found - I'm going to guess that'll end up being the 'additional map feature' on that future DLC. God, I'm so hoping for more enemy types. Bokoblin, Moblin, Lizalfos...'Stalfos' at night...


gimme more, gimme more...


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