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Sony takes on Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe

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Sony is moving forward on its five-film plan for joint film franchises based on the Valiant comic books “Harbinger” and “Bloodshot,” which are then set to culminate in a “Harbinger Wars” crossover event film, TheWrap has learned.


Within the last month, Sony has preemptively renewed its option on “Harbinger” — a comic following a teenage runaway Peter Stanchek with massive telekinetic powers — for a sum in the high six figures and is moving to package the pictures quickly.


The previously announced “Bloodshot” — about a mortally wounded soldier resurrected with cutting-edge nanotechnology and charged with rounding up “harbingers” like Stanchek — is now seen as the second film in the series.


Attention is now being given to multiple characters from the comics, including the HARD Corps, Livewire, Generation Zero, and, most notably, Faith, who generated a ton of worldwide media attention in the comics space this year and features prominently in the Harbinger script.




don't get me wrong - i've not read Valiant, but i've heard great things since the most recent relaunch.


...but this is the studio that struggles to handle Spider-Man flicks these days.

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I love how comic books are considered such gold now - as far as 'em all being mined to be adapted into live-action franchises.


I like to think it'll be a matter of time before ancient 60 / 80s / 90s cartoons become just as lucrative a source for ideas.


I bet if the Scooby-Doo reboot works - we're gonna see stuff like 'Masters of the Universe' and 'Thundercats' get fast-tracked...and an explosion of that genre. (unless...Please Lord, don't let them 'Transformers' 'em...or 'TMNT Bay' it. Let sumone who gives a shit handle 'em!)


I can see Disney really launching the trend of faithful / respectful adaptions of animated IPs - when Lion King 'comes back'.


I think the comic book cinematic genre is truly here to stay...even if Iron Man / Cinematic Universes will be routinely rebooted. The best competing companies can hope for - is to have a real differentiator.


I think if Sony opts n' commits to a darker comic book universe - this could be a genius move. Logan and Deadpool worked - a 'mainstream' IP w/ a comic booky premise - can go full-on 'adult audience'...a foothold in that arena, hasn't been claimed yet. Could be that 'differentiator' that could...could...theoretically compete w/ 'Disney's Marvel'. Even WB can't take DC / Bats n' Supes, there.


Valiant to me had that 'indie' feel - kinda felt like a response to 'Image' / 'Spawn'. Adult n' bloody...at least, for '93. LOL - I want to take pictures of all the SNES / SEGA ads in these things - LOL




Nothing mind-blowing, but I can totally see a team digging / flipping though - looking for something to build that's 'new' n' 'different'. Good freakin' luck. The brand / IPs really aren't that recognizable by the masses - I think it's a 'complete lack of ideas' is what's going on here, but shooting for a 'dark / adult' universe could be brilliant.

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