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"Mumble" Rap

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Yachty is straight garbage, but I fucks wit his new album cover:




Now I know this was put together by some executive, but I applaud his greenlighting this.


Young Thug shook shit up too:




I don't know what I ultimately want to do with this thread, but thought a discussion could be started about it. "Mumble" rap and it's culture. There's no denying that trap and mumble rap is king right now. Will hip-hop survive and maybe evolve into something more accepting of what had been a stigma since the beginning? In this world of Snapchats and 140 characters, is this the future (natch)?

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those are both dope covers, the latter looks like some final fantasy shit haha


i dig what thugger goes for, i just can't do a whole album of it. the other thing about these trap dudes is they have to put out like so much material that i can't keep up with it, it's like when gucci was dropping double mixtapes on the regular or so...man, i appreciate your work ethic but i feel like i need someone else to sift through em & say "yeah, check out half of this album"


i didn't feel that way @ future on his first album (or even parts of Monster) but DS2 made me a believer, his work since then has been a mixed bag but again, you put out that many LPs/mixtapes and i'm gonna assume some of it will be fire and some's gonna miss...being a Curren$y fan taught me that, haha.


i'm still going through FUTURE/HNDRXX but for mainstream trap/mumble shit, i can't get tired of Mask Off.

that flute kicks in with the beat like n6DZ7.png

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what's crazy is the blurring of those lines - mixtapes used to feel rougher, production and content wise. you'd try shit out, take shots at other artists, maybe go a bit harder than you would on the LP...and when that drops, it's more radio-friendly stuff, better mastering/mixing with a lot more production, maybe pay to have someone more talented on your hook, etc. a mixtape could absolutely go better than the album (Jadakiss, Cannibus, most of G-Unit here for me) but they weren't the main course.


now i had to check wiki when talking about Future albums to say which was which. i can't even tell, mixtapes can have 20 something tracks on them but so can an LP sometimes too. fuck, i still don't get how What A Time To Be Alive was a mixtape they charged for.




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I imagine these artists don't have the time, patience or sobriety to focus on an album for weeks or months straight. Too many molly, percocets.


Nah, mixtapes is easier. Just go to the studio, mumble into a mic and return to your IG "models." I don't know. The right people are making albums anyways. The dudes trying different shit (even if there still isn't substance). Future is an example. Weirdly enough, Yachty too.

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