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The Incredibles 2

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Forgot to mention - it's being helmed by the legendary Brad Bird. happy.png


With all this Disney superhero stuff - I'm so surprised there already isn't an Incredibles Trilogy. Freakin' Toy Story made it to a Trilogy!


A Pixar / Incredibles / Marvel crossover would be a best-selling TPB...(didn't this come up in another thread?)

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I'm excited but also a little nervous by this. I feel like this film is a decade too late, so if they're going to do a sequel it better be a rock fucking solid story. I just hope Brad Bird isn't suffering from Andrew Stanton Syndrome--going back to make a sequel of his most successful PIXAR film after he directed a big budget, live-action flop. Granted, Tomorrowland wasn't as big of a flop as John Carter even though, IMHO, the latter was a superior film to the former. (That could be a hole thread on its own though.)


Anyway, I just hope the story and the intent by the filmmakers are solid because on its own The Incredibles is damn near genre perfection, and we don't need a sequel that can't live up to that standard.

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Absolutely agree. 'The Incredibles' itself, really isn't a very 'typical superhero' movie - which is why I think it worked so well, in my opinion. 2004! Different playing field! But - yeah, can they do something that really stands out in a superhero-flooded arena?


I think they'd have to take it into 'left field' again - and not do a 'typical sequel'...not a 'typical superhero-sequel' would be even sweeter...do sum sort of 'tonal shift'. I'm thinking ANH and ESB - not in the sense of revelation, but one was...Wizard of Oz and the other...'Shakespeare' pathos.


You can say 2004s Incredibles was 'adult'...kinda grim? Maybe they'll end up pulling it toward a more colorful, fun approach...? Ironically, superhero movies now are getting kinda grim and colorless...


I'm sure it'll retain that 'real-world bite' that's inherent in that IP / universe - but I can see a direction where the Supers are in full swing and there being a hard push for 'fantastic'. I think doing what they did in 2004...even harder - could just make the whole project border on depressing. It's 13 years later - that return has to pop.


Personally, I'd love to see a 2018 Pixar flick - full of color and full of imaginative super powers.

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Nuh-uh!  I ain't buying it twice!


Seriously, tho - I tried to see Blade Runner 2 at the theater - had to turn back...



Had to go to the DMV the other week - that was...that was just, 'holy shit'.  On the positive - my gf was thoroughly entertained.


Come 'The Last Jedi'...



LOL - so ready to lose 20 pounds during the movie...and even more hair.  (Those not in the know - I have crippling social anxiety.)


But, yeah!  Incredibles 2 is lookin' like it's gonna be taking place right after the first one - Jack-Jack still being an infant - I love that 50s aesthetic / style they had in the first one...lookin' likely that 'theme' will be carried over and being the Incredibles'...thing.  (I'm expecting a Trilogy)


I'm hoping we're gonna get a full return of 'Supers' - maybe a few years will pass in order for that to happen.  Maybe they'll fast forward a bit...maybe go into the 60s...but I can see an infant Jack-Jack being good as-is - and it remaining in the '50s'.


I love how we know next to nothing about this movie.

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Hoo boy.



Soooo... Good things?


-New supers were cool


-edna is hilarious as always


-good action


Not so good things:


-the story is kind of awful


-too many things happening at once.


-terrible villain


-all in all kinda boring


-so much uneeded dialogue




They simply waited too long to make this movie. I went in with low expectations, and still came put disappointed. I love the first movie. It remains my favorite pixar film to date. They could have had a great franchise here if they had put them out at a quicker rate a la Toy Story. It only stings more since Disney has be killing it on the Marvel end. I thought they would nail another Incredibles.


I know people will love the movie, and I hope they do. I'm just upset that I didn't. I honestly wasn't sure how it would end up in the end.



It didn't help that the animated short had me fucking crying like a little baby at the beginning, putting me in a sad mood. 

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I liked this movie more than Axels. I do agree with most of his criticisms though. The biggest problem with this film is also its greatest asset--Brad Bird is credited as the sole writer. The guy is good, but the plot to this film is waaaaay too clunky, and the villain's motives are too similar to the first film. In short, it's nowhere near as original as, well, the original. Bird could've utilized arguably the best storyhouse in modern cinema to punch up his script, but likely he let ego override, and the film suffered for it. But that's just speculation. What's fact is the script is weak.


However, for me the good outweighed the bad in the end. Jack Jack saves this film. Uncle Frozone and Dash were great, too. Elastigirl & Mr. Incredible where also on point. I also dug the new superhero characters, who all shined in the third act. Violet, however, was...angsty  And angsty teens are annoying. And while her behavior is arguably fair to real life, watching a character whine about inane shit for most of the film is not entertaining. Edna Mode's short scene were great though. And I absolutely love the aesthetics and style used in the Incredible verse. Every scene looked gorgeous. So for me this was not a sequel not quite on par with the original but ultimately a win. I'll definitely own it on home video and I might even see it again in the theater since I've got MoviePass.


On 6/16/2018 at 6:23 AM, Drifter said:

what was the animated short?

It's called Bao, after the Chinese oversized dumpling. I haven't had one in ages, but when I lived in Japan you could get them for hella cheap at the 7-11 and they were so good. Anyway, the short is set in Toronto, and it's an extended metaphor for  the relationship between a doting Chinese-Canadian mother and her jerky son. It's not  one of my favorite Pixar shorts, but it's definitely one of the most unique ones. There's a particular moment that has a lot of people talking...


It's about a dumpling (bao) coming to life after a loving wife is left at home while her husband goes off to work. She raises bao as her cute (?) dumplin' baby only to have him grow up to be a jerk that ignores her and her affection. Then bao brings a Caucasian blonde girl home with a ring on her finger, and tries to move out of the house only to have the mother eat him! Yeah, it's different. It's dark there for a bit until in the next scene you realize bao was a metaphor for her real son who's getting married to the blonde and how the mother is struggling to deal with it. It ends happily though with them all at a table teaching the blonde how to make bao.


I found this video of someone making bao using the actual recipe form the film. It's pretty cool, but it's like a level or two above my culinary skill set.


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bao to vid
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