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so i'm waiting on that physical copy up there (which i think is due in december or so?) but i'd been dying to play this for years now, and a friend gifted me a copy on PSN so i dove in, and...man, i can totally get why people were off put by the hype, and the crowd that finds indie stuff pretentious may not appreciate the charm here, but as a huge Earthbound fan, this is just so great.


i'm at the end so i don't wanna speak on the perspective here too much, but you really do fall for some of the characters & their quirks/social anxieties. moreover, this is about the best game OST i've heard in a long time, and i just got in on iam8bit's repressing of the vinyl today cause i just don't wanna miss out on it again. i mean, i absolutely think you should hear it in-game, but if you're curious, check out some of it:



it's a short, quirky RPG that clearly lends itself to replays based on how you choose to conduct yourself. . the intro & box itself i wanna say remind you that you can get through this without combat, but i wasn't successful in my first play at that, so i see myself going back in soon. for someone tired of standard RPGs & wanting something different, this has been an absolute joy.

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