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Junji Ito's horror manga coming to anime


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Junji Ito's Horror Manga Has an Anime Adaptation in the Works


'Renowned horror manga author Junji Ito (Gyo, Uzumaki, Tomie) has no shortage of excellent works to adapt into anime, but other than Gyo his stories have primarily served as inspiration for live-action projects. That's about to change according to Asahi Shimbun's Junji Ito's Haunted House site, which revealed that his manga is set to make the leap to anime.


The picture on the site doesn't just focus on one of Ito's works, and includes imagery from Tomie and Slug Girl, among others. With that in mind, maybe it will be an anthology rather than a single work, which would be amazing'.









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yeah, you've got a point...given the last year of DCAU stuff and what looks like really rough treatment berserk's been getting, i need to make peace with the bar not being where it was.  


i mean, i enjoyed the 2nd part of killing joke, but man was that animation rough at times.  the fact that they seem to have ito's style down here is way more important. 

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I was actually kind of hoping it'd be black and white. But I can't think of an anime that's adapted any manga that way since they are pretty much all black and white. 


Tone is also important with Ito, and that seemed to match it. Hope we see more soon.

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