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The Shape of Water

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  • 5 months later...

...so, this was fantastic


it'd been far too long since i'd see a del toro joint, and this had it all: immersive world, great characters & cinematography, an enjoyable plot and his kinda trademark historical period with a bit of surreality. 




abe sapien grows on you, and yeah, it gets weird later with the romance but couldv'e been way weirder/a dealbreaker with a lot of other directors.  i feel like a lot  of the themes from his other films were here: the "monsters" as good guys, the would-be good guys as actual monsters, etc.  


even bits of cheese like the musical number ended up being touching. 


Pandora... :misty:


donny keeps saying this has been a great year for movies, and there's a lot i have to catch up on but this is very high on my list for favorites this year.  still intend to see star wars, but really happy we'd opted for this one today. 

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