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Not Animation per say, but Thunderbolt Fantasy is a Japanese/Taiwanese co-production that aired in Japan last summer. It's a 'Sword Saint' style puppet show and it is incredible. I got put on it by a friend towards the end of the 13 episode 'season'. It's truly a marvel to behold, and a great story to boot with a TON of twists and turns. The character designs all look like they were done by Yoshitaka Amano (they weren't), but the script was penned by Gen Urobuchi (of Madoka Magika!). I just recently introduced it to Panch and he's about 10 episodes in. Had always intended to make a thread, but never got around to it until now (actually Panch gave me a heads up that if I didn't put one up soon HE was gonna do it LOL!)


Here's the first episode so anyone who's interested can get a taste. Full season is up on Crunchyroll. Really a great show, and a second season is currently in production, so there's more puppetry goodness to come!


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