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No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again


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i adore NMH & suda doesn't usually do sequels as much as spiritual connections/etc, just love the shit out of this series. so glad it's back!


axels - you'd really dig this, the most fun & approachable of suda's directed works i wanna say. plus 1 & 2 are cheap on wii, the PS3 port of 1 isn't the worst either...has some problems but still very enjoyable!


also ahahaha there's a campaign to get travis in smash, i need this if just for the ammibo~

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i beat the original 2 on the wii, and plat'd the remake of 1 on PS3 before i had a move controller.


you can have a blast with regular controls, but honestly, i thought NMH 1 in particular was a great example of interpretive motion controls (before motion + was out & working like the tech ideally would've from the start). to explain:


i played a few wii games that felt way too picky on exact motions, given the accuracy of the sensor & such. early on for the kinect, i played MJ experience which was super forgiving of poorly done motions, to a fault - like, i was doing Micheal Jackson Experience with (i wanna say) Wanna be startin' something on normal, and the move would call for 2 full 360 circles quickly, right? and i'd literally barely manage 1 and the game would be like GREAT! perfect score, not even an OKAY or something i actually deserved.


NMH on the other hand calls for all 8 asterisk-like angles of a proper swordfight, and if your wrist/etc waver a bit on a diagonal motion, 99% of the time, if your intent was a diagonal cut, i felt like the game showed it as such. people were still on about Red Steel when i thought NMH was so much more fun (and juvenile, haha) both in execution & gameplay than so many titles that were either too easy or two hard to get right.


so yeah, play it on PS3 with regular controls if you like, but it was built around wii motion controls & is actually fun to play with them if you're down for that.

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Here's a quick summary of what is said :


- It's the first game Suda51 is directing in ten years since No More Heroes. He's gotten back on directing because he want to return to Grasshopper roots, when they had a much smaller scale, something more compact and having an impact on everything.


- The reason it's on Nintendo Switch is because Suda51 liked what he saw when it was still the NX, and in top of that, it was a matter of timing as Let it Die was released and there was that new hardware releasing soon.


- About why it's not called No More Heroes 3 : while it's still a sequel, it's not a "direct" one as it will be the start of a new adventure for Travis, something different from the previous games. That's why they put Travis Strikes Again as the main title.


- The main inspiration for the gimmick about visiting game worlds were Let it Die and the movie eXistenZ.


- Gameplay : sword-based action game, similar to the first two games, and while the concept and controls will stay the same amongst the six games Travis will visit, each of them will have its own vibe, will be different about how they look and feel.


- The collaboration with the indies aren't necessarily about the levels themselves (he was answering about if there was going to be a Shovel Knight level in the game) or the gameplay. What they wanted to show was that Travis is a hardcore gamer. So Travis won't necessarily play these indie games or fight the characters, but Travis will have different t-shirts featuring these games for example and Shovel Knight is one of them. However plans aren't concrete and there may be instances where Travis interact with the indie games, like Hotline Miami.


- The development team is much smaller this time compared to No More Heroes 2. He was asked about if the retro mini games from NMH2 would return, and he answered that he's not sure if they have the manpower to make them, because everyone concerned want to make new stuff for the game.


- They were successful in finding a lot of indie partners at PAX who were willing to do some collaborations. It helps that a lot of these people played past Suda51 games.


- Motion controls will be in the game, but the main feature is that you'll be able to play the whole game with one joy-con. That was decided very early in the development process to give the player a limited area of control.


- You'll be able to recharge the beam katana just like in the previous games, but the size has got a bit smaller (lol)


- One of the reason he decided to make the whole game playable with one joy-con is that he hopes Sakurai will finally let Travis join Smash Bros.


- He was asked if there could be co-op since you can play with only one joy-con, and answered that he can't talk about that secret yet.


- About what he plans for the future, he want to makes sure this time that Travis's story won't stop just with this title, to make Travis some sort of video games superstar. That's why they don't call it No More Heroes 3, because he want to start from here and expand the serie.

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release date should be incoming! 

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