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Halloween games!


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does anyone else wait till October to play horror games? i've been doing this for years, and the last few halloweens i finally finished:




Sweet Home - man, i loved this one.

put me onto it, it's Mikami (Resident Evil) doing a survival horror RPG that we never got, but a full translation was done years ago and it's easily one of my top 10 NES games!


Corpse Party - Hoo boy, this adventure/visual novel type PSP/Vita title is dark. surprisingly brutal game, can't wait to finally play 3 one day.


D - this was like 3 hours maybe, really cool early Saturn adventure/puzzle game by a fantastic creator.


Resident Evil: last year, i decided to beat both the REmake & part 3 (dreamcast) as i'd never done it, and my take on 3 went up a bit but it's still not my favorite. REmake remains the high bar for such efforts, man that game still looks incredible today.

Never did tie up 0 or Code Veronica, tried for years since the latter dropped but it just doesn't happen for me. same with Dino Crisis.



this year i wanna try:


Clock Tower (SNES) - it's been translated for years & is said to be a short game, but i was waiting on a friend of mine for too long now, just gotta give it a go soon.


RE7 - totally jacking this one from SpaceCowboy!


System Shock 2 - ive tried it a few times & never get far, and that's even with guides on how to not make a build that makes it harder too. it's been on my list forever now!


D2 - again, as a Kenji Eno fan, i need to give this one a go. it also looks a lot more approachable than Enemy Zero!



what about you guys, any horror games lined up?

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Definitely yes to Clock Tower, you'll want to look up a guide as the controls are not very intuitive and you'll want to try all the endings. And play it before you play Resident Evil 7 so you can appreciate some of the ideas that the latter ripped off from the former.


I'm one episode from the ending of The Walking Dead Season 2. But I've got 35 movies to watch and review this month so I may not get to it.

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Is this the Corpse Party everyone is talking about? http://store.steampo...0/Corpse_Party/


I assume this is one of those games where you just kind of walk around and trigger story events? I know this is a whole sub-genre, what are some of the better horror ones?


By the way, anyone wanting to get in on some horror gaming I've got Steam keys for Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, DMC: Devil May Cry, and The Walking Dead: 400 Days (I think you have to have Walking Dead Season 1 for it to work) free to a good home.

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One that's not really the walk around type, but mroe classic point and click adventure is The Cat Lady. It's got a really creepy story and some great voice acting to go with it. I bought it on a whim and ended up playing through the whole thing. There are multiple endings too so there's that.


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On 10/3/2017 at 12:56 PM, C_U_SPACECOWBOY said:

Lemme know when you're ready for RE7 Nick.

I'm ready man! just started Clock Tower but it doesn't look to be a long game - lemme know if Sunday works!

On 10/3/2017 at 7:01 PM, Iambaytor said:

Is this the Corpse Party everyone is talking about? http://store.steampo...0/Corpse_Party/


I assume this is one of those games where you just kind of walk around and trigger story events? I know this is a whole sub-genre, what are some of the better horror ones?

yeah it's absolutely that kind of game though, and still one of my favorites of that kind. brutal asian horror.

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I've played others but nothing memorable comes to mind? a few steam/web ones felt like they were made in flash.nothing memorable tor me, so corpse party stood out.

I'd downloaded this one called white (something), an asian horror one in a school I'd heard good things about 

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Here are the full PS4 listings:

  • 101 Ways to Die ($4.99)
  • Abyss Odyssey ($7.49)
  • ADK Damashii ($5.99)
  • Alien: Isolation - The Collection ($19.99)
  • Among the Sleep ($5.99)
  • Banned Footage Vol. 1 ($7.99)
  • Banned Footage Vol. 2 ($11.99)
  • BioShock: The Collection ($35.99)
  • Bloody Zombies ($11.09)
  • Blue Estate - The Game ($4.54)
  • Claire: Extended Cut ($5.99)
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer ($4.49)
  • Daydreamer: Awakened Edition ($4.99)
  • Daylight ($7.49)
  • Dead Alliance ($15.99)
  • Dead Island Definitive Collection ($19.99)
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition ($6.99)
  • Dead Island: Retro Revenge ($2.49)
  • Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition ($6.99)
  • Deadlight: Director's Cut ($7.49)
  • Dead Rising ($9.99)
  • Dead Rising 2 ($9.99)
  • Dead Rising 2 Off the Record ($9.99)
  • Dead Rising Triple Pack ($29.74)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition ($14.99)
  • DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle ($21.59)
  • DmC Devil May Cry ($6.99)
  • DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition ($15.99)
  • Doodle Devil ($2.39)
  • Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition ($23.99)
  • Dying: Reborn ($7.99)
  • Dying: Reborn PSVR ($4.99)
  • Dying: Reborn Ultimate Bundle ($12.49)
  • Fortnite - Deluxe Founder's Pack ($41.99)
  • Fortnite - Limited Edition Founder's Pack ($104.99)
  • Fortnite - Standard Founder's Pack ($27.99)
  • Fortnite - Super Deluxe Founder's Pack ($62.99)
  • FU'UN SUPER COMBO ($5.99)
  • Ghostbusters ($14.99)
  • Goat Simulator: GoatZ ($1.99)
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition ($5.99)
  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli ($4.99)
  • Home - A Unique Horror Adventure ($2.49)
  • How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition ($5.99)
  • Iron Crypticle ($5.99)
  • Kholat ($6.99)
  • Killing Floor 2 ($19.99)
  • Layers of Fear ($9.99)
  • Layers of Fear: Inheritance ($2.99)
  • Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition ($9.19)
  • Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition ($9.99)
  • Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut ($2.99)
  • Manual Samuel ($5.99)
  • Metal Slug 3 ($7.49)
  • Metal Slug Anthology ($9.99)
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect ($7.99)
  • Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call ($4.99)
  • Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart ($4.99)
  • Observer ($20.99)
  • Outlast ($6.99)
  • Outlast 2 ($20.99)
  • Outlast: Bundle of Terror ($10.14)
  • Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul ($24.79)
  • Party Hard ($7.79)
  • Plague Road ($7.99)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare ($9.99)
  • Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror ($2.39)
  • Resident Evil ($9.99)
  • Resident Evil 0 ($11.99)
  • Resident Evil 4 ($9.99)
  • Resident Evil 5 ($9.99)
  • Resident Evil 6 ($9.99)
  • Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Edition ($12.59)
  • Resident Evil 7 ($35.99)
  • Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition ($53.99)
  • Resident Evil 7 Season Pass ($26.99)
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica X ($5.24)
  • Resident Evil Triple Pack ($35.69)
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell ($5.99)
  • Salt and Sanctuary ($10.79)
  • Samurai Shodown VI ($5.99)
  • Serial Cleaner ($10.49)
  • Shadwen ($5.09)
  • Skullgirls 2nd encore ($9.99)
  • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition ($10.49)
  • Slender: The Arrival ($2.99)
  • Subterrain ($11.89)
  • Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition ($3.89)
  • Tharsis ($5.24)
  • The Bug Butcher ($3.99)
  • The Coma: Recut ($12.74)
  • The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection ($14.99)
  • The Escapists: The Walking Dead ($9.99)
  • The Fall ($3.49)
  • The Final Station ($8.99)
  • The Sexy Brutale ($13.99)
  • The Technomancer ($13.99)
  • The Telltale Undead Survival Bundle ($27.49)
  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Season Pass ($13.74)
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne ($5.99)
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two ($9.99)
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season ($9.99)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition ($24.99)
  • Thumper ($11.99)
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Complete Bundle ($4.79)
  • Titan Attacks! ($3.99)
  • Ultratron ($3.99)
  • Vaccine ($5.99)
  • Verdun ($7.99)
  • Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide ($19.99)
  • Weeping Doll ($3.99)
  • What Remains of Edith Finch ($14.99)
  • White Night ($7.49)
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games ($34.99)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy ($14.99)
  • Zombie Vikings ($4.79)

The Sexy Brutale, while not a horror game, is a fucking awesome puzzler. Does some great time travel stuff. These prices aren't the PS+ prices btw. So they'll appear even cheaper if you have that. 

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Long ass list
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tis the season! this year's list:


until dawn

doki doki literature club cause of @Stilly

i have no mouth and i must scream

danganropa 1&2 reload 

yume nikki 

corpse party 3 (it's $25 at nearby gamestop)


most of these are on the short side & the last one can be done from work, so this should be a good year!

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yeah, for sure - some bits reminded me of why i loved Sweet Home, because of my surprise at how early some conventions were being tried.  it was also surprisingly dark (even given the tone early on), and i thought i'd get annoyed at the running speed like i do at times with fatal frame, but the game did well with the tension & helplessness those choices made too. 


i think i just YT'd the other endings (cause i had to know) but...damn 

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