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yeah, 3 (PS2) was my first & still likely my favorite of the mainline series.  i bought 1 & 2 on SNES repro carts forever ago & still haven't played em....


ill say this: coming from persona, you're way more prepared than someone who'd mainly done other stuff like final fantasy/etc, but assuming not big changes, your survival at times relies on some grinding (like usual) but really, more your use of buffs/debuffs and how much you work on constantly swapping out your demons/building the compendium.  it's a commitment! 

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God, if it's ANYTHING like Persona, I'm budgeting 100+ hours here.


Between this, Octopath Traveler (fun stuff! Played the demo earlier) and Xenoblade 2, RPG's are finding a good home on the Switch. 

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Looking forward to this, even though I've only clocked ~1 hr into SMTIII - surely my cumulative 220+ hrs in Persona grants me something here.

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