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Hondo's adopt-a-month initiative


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right, so here's the idea - ya'll tell me what you think 


right now we're looking at $30/month rent (which is only 30 beefy mini quesadillas at taco bell! haha! holy hell i'm bad at this pitch), so i've been thinking, whoever sponsors a given month:


- remember how the board used to have that one line up top i'd usually post snarky stuff? if we can bring that back, you can choose what goes there for your month!
we'd need a character limit & also limits to how often you can change it cause c'mon son but otherwise yeah 


- we're toying with the idea of letting that month's sponsor change one other member's tag/member title for that month as well - nothing offensive/mean etc but i'm thinking that could be a thing 


that's all i got so far, but it's an ongoing idea - obviously, folks who donated for the re-up in august would apply here, whether that refund happens or not.  so yeah, lemme now how that sounds & what other perks you think you'd dig for such a setup! 

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