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Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters


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I know dude's been around since like, the 70s(?) - but in my head, Stretch is like that early/mid 90s work-out...guy - w/ like, a huge jaw and chompers...




LOL - he reminds me of that 'Liquid Television' short w/the cockroaches n' that superhero w/ a huge jaw and super-deep / masculine voice...('Mechanical Bug' - deep cut, I know...but if you know...you know...)


'Captain Amazing' from 'Mystery Men'!



I've been hearing about a 'Stretch Armstrong' movie for yeeeears...I'd be interested if it had an overly-macho 'vain' character as the star.  That's funny.


This is like an original superhero who can stretch...eeeh.  Nothing else really pulling me in.  Maybe I'll give the thumbnail a click on Netflix when I'm bored.

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