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  1. 1. Would you be willing to donate money on a monthly basis ($X / month) to help take the load off Nick?

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Ok, so I'm throwing my suggestion in the hat here. This is an idea I had had to help keep the lights on and keep Nick from going hungry trying to keep this place alive.


I think a lot of the issues with funding and such could be solved, or at the very least made easier to handle, by starting a Patreon for Hondo's. I'm not trying to directly counter Nick's current adopt-a-month idea, I just want to see what people think.


Alls I'm saying is that I'm not the most active member, and I would gladly throw at least $5 or so in a month just to help do my part. I don't believe I'm alone in this, and I think it's ultimately better/easier/whathaveyou than quarterly or monthly donation drives.


Full disclosure: I have absolutely nothing to gain from this outside of this place staying open. I know this place is important to a lot of people and has been for years. Maybe this idea won't work, and that's okay. I just want to be able to easily toss money at the problems on a monthly basis where I can just set it and forget it.


I might be wrong, and people might be against it, and that's cool. I know Nick is, and that's cool, too. Hopefully, if I'm right, a certain someone might be able to take a little of the stress of himself. Thanks everyone!

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I think I might be able to spare like 5 bucks a month doing this. Was already thinking about making it monthly via paypal anyway. It isnt much, but I mean, if 7 people did that its already paying off month right there, right? But if anyone can understand tight money situations, I can. So I know it isn't viable for everyone. 


That said, if its jist like 5 a month then that is no problem at all.

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...okay, yeah, 7 people doing $5/month would prolly be a lot easier than coordinating each month, and $30 up front can be a lot at times.  maybe this ain't a bad idea!

ill look into patreon & see what their take is.  do we have 6 people who'd be down for this, though? 

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didn't get a chance to prior, but: much love to our supporters so far! 


in addition to myself, there's newtype, metalheart (she's not even here these days!), stillbored, axels, and a big push from donatella.  we've cleared out monthly rent & are on track to cover our licensing & domain fees as well! holy shit, it only took 16 years or so for us to break even, haha. 


i don't reckon many of y'all will even use our discord, but i want you to know we're working on more new features here as a result of your support! blogs just went live, the gallery should be ready soon. 

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