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Jodie Foster: Superhero films are harming the art of cinema

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While speaking with Radio Times about her episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, director/actress Jodie Foster discussed the current state of cinema, saying studios have transformed films into “theme parks.” She explained that Hollywood studios are making “bad content” in order to appeal to the masses and rake in money, stating that those efforts will grant them the best return now in exchange for wrecking the state of cinema. “It’s ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world,” Foster said. “I don’t want to make $200 million movies about superheroes.”

And while Foster appears to have no plans to hop on the superhero train anytime soon, she did state that perhaps she’d be interested in making a film about a superhero if and only if they had a “really complex psychology.” Despite her issues with superhero films and Hollywood’s love of huge blockbusters, Foster seems willing to sign on for one should it prove to be more of a character piece than another run of the mill action film.


there's a lot more at the link & she's far from the first person to be wary of big-budget films dominated hollywood, but i thought she had some points and look forward to her Moon Knight film next year

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