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33% of NFL fans stopped watching NFL this season


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Of those 33%

32% in support of Donald Trump
22% in support of kneeling players
13% no interest in teams playing 
12% in support of Colin Kaepernick
11% because of player brain injuries 
8% games are boring 
46% “other reasons”

Question in poll: did you purposely stop watching or attending NFL games this season for any reason?

Gender split 

Male: 35% to support Trump 
Female: 25%

Male: 30% to support kneeling players 
Female : 17%

Male: 17% in support of Kaepernick
Female: 10%


don't know how well this study was conducted, but it seems a little sad to see CTE so low on the list.  


i keep hearing it's just not been an exciting season as well?  no doubt it'd suuuure be fun to see the pats win again or something 

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I've watched less because I'm just tired of the bullshit. Ridiculous false outrage over kneeling (but beating your wife and rape is cool). Owners actin' like slave owners (Jerry Fucking Jones). The CTE thing, though... it's weird. I've, admittingly (and embarrasingly), looked the other way on that for years (even after one of my favorite players, Junior Seau, killed himself). It does bother me and I need to get better (more informed) on that.

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New York Jets owner says he'll pay all the fines for any players on his team who decide to say fuck you to this new mandate. I fucking HATE the Jets, but a little less today. The NFL is really fucking up if they've gotten to the point of me admitting that. Might have to boycott this season.

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'You can't win this one': What President Trump told Jerry Jones in private about player protests


After essentially being blacklisted, Kaepernick is ripping the NFL a new one with the evidentiary discovery phase of his lawsuit claiming illegal collusion (i.e. blacklisting) against him. Now we get to see another example that President Shithole is actively pressuring private employers into suppressing political rivals in all walks of life, certainly including sports... dictatorial tendencies indeed... can you imagine the shit-storm raised on the right-wing media if a Democrat ever pulled something even remotely similar to this? Here's your threat to America; here's your tyranny; here's your end to the republic. It's not some tax that provides health-care to the poor; it's not some action taken to keep corporations from poisoning children; it's this shit where the fucking president of the united states personally bullies private entities into stifling public displays of dissent by the citizenry.

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On 1/8/2018 at 4:22 PM, The NZA said:

 no doubt it'd suuuure be fun to see the pats win again or something 


It would’ve been. *sigh*


...and it will be this year.


Told ya Goodell was a dick.


I’m just a tinge with Chris.


Someone should just sign Kapernick, dammit.


As always, Go Pats!

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