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So, I currently has a drunk, and I was thinking of a Hondo's Karaoke thread! I loooove me some karaoke, and I thought it would be awesome if we shared what we've done, or even had some collaborations!


Smule Sing is a great way to share shit, and technically it's free (if you join duets). Other wise it's less then 10 bucks a month to participate in if you want to record your own, or do a song already on roster. 


I'll post a few below that I've done (feedback and criticism is MUCH appreciated!), and I encourage to do the same (whether it's a track done with a karaoke backing or not)!



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NIN - Lights in the Sky


Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl


Puscifer - Conditions of My Parole


Tori Amos - Winter


 Tori Amos - Upside Down



...Sorry, I know that's a lot, and I honestly don't expect y'all to listen to all of them, let alone any of them, but post yours!! I wanna hear them!!!


Edit: I had posted a looot last night, so I culled the list. I just love to sing when I'm drunk! And sober. and anytime, really, haha!







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16 hours ago, The NZA said:

this seems pretty cool for drunken singing times - i don't currently have any recordings of myself karaoking but i know someone who does 




I actually have Smule on my phone but the free options are meh. I toyed with the idea of paying for it but I have too many monthly subscriptions at the moment! I do love this thread though and maybe it'll inspire NZA and I to *finally* do some real karaoke! 


Ill have to listen to those recordings when I'm not at work! That's quite a variety of songs!

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