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new Star Wars movie y'all


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I actually think D&D are shit. They're not fucking story tellers. They've struggled without the material of GRRM, they've made stupid blunders like the Dorne storyline in GOT. They'll just start adding rape scenes into Star Wars because it's edgy and allows the characters to show off the fact they can act and make the right facial expressions.

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...i don't really disagree with that, honestly 


they stumbled with GoT and you're spot-on with making stuff rapey.  worse yet, they thought this was the right climate to push something like Confederate (which i assume/hope is dead now)


this definitely isn't something where i'm hyped by the names alone

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new star wars show y'all



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5 hours ago, Axels said:




Still, Obi-wan at the center of his own movie still seems like a stretch... I could see him in the background but not at the center of his own film... if the movie was all about him, what would he be doing, practicing his Krayt Dragon calls? If SW:Rebels has shown us anything is that if he does something too substantial, jump ten feet in the air, levitate a pebble, or flash a lightsaber at a bad guy, he'd have inquisitors all up his ass in a heartbeat.

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Maybe the details are already out somewhere, but - I bet this series will be what launches Disney's Netflix / streaming service.


I'm...sooo - not interested - in Disney's post-Return of the Jedi-world...but, if Favreau can make something special w/ the Star Wars IP - great!


BUT - I see sooo many strings attached to this whole venture.  Theme park tie-ins, merch, Sequel Trilogy retcons (we know they're coming - c'mon), spin-offs...Disney...


This could solidify the 'garbage' status of the Disney-era of Star Wars for sum fans...or totally save it - a'la 'Clone Wars'.




But, it'll suck. LOL


Down for Ewan Kenobi film.




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