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This film had an odd release in the US. It was being advertised as a late March release, but I guess that was a "select cities" deal. Then it was supposed to get a "wide" release" a week later, but nope. Anyway, it finally made it to my town this Friday!


It was fantastic but so fucking weird. (Some of the garbage island stuff was unsettling. And the weird use and non-use of subtitles. The translator is a legit device to use, but why not have subtitles as well for when she's not present? It got a bit frustrating after a while not knowing WTF Atari was exactly saying.) However, like most Anderson films, this was undeniably heartwarming. Maybe it's the best thing Bryan Cranston's done since Breaking Bad? I dunno. But all hail Chief!  I'm also left wondering if this is really a "kids" movie. I lean towards not so much. It's definitely not as much a universal a tale or "all ages" as a Pixar flick or even Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox. 


Overall it's a really enjoyable film but not his finest work. I think I'd rank it alongside Moonrise Kingdom in terms of overall quality.

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