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LOL - I've always felt Billy Mitchell was kinda shady.


Maybe he had a legit score once upon a time, but - maybe, trying to maintain that 'top of the pack' status - really, for him, became his identity.  Trying to 'keep' that...I could totally see him doing whatever it takes to keep being considered 'the best'.


I was 'the best' at Earthworm Jim for a time on Xbox Live - I've been subsequently 'beat' - but I'm happy enough w/ being 'at one point, I was...'


Billy should accept and enjoy - 'at one point'.  Someone is always gonna try and top 'the best'...and will.

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I met Billy Mitchell and Walter Day a couple months ago...




I HATED (that they were so freakin' nice n' real.  'SPECIALLY Walter Day)  I could tell on their faces that were kids caught w/ their hands in the cookie jar.  I wanna spill sum more juice , but I'll save those stories for in-person drunken rants.  It got dangerously REAL.  No one in that whole Expo wanted ANYTHING to do w/ these 'cheaters'.  It really got surreal - when me n/ my gf were the only ones giving this person the time of day.  


'member how I was THE best (#1) @ EWJ?





That's me on DK on Switch...#17 mothuh-fuckaaaaaaahs!!!!  Triple-digit Club, bitches!




^ LOL!!!  What an asshole! 

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Southern Fried Gaming Expo.  Dedicated to retro games, pinball - big deal here in Atlanta.


I was shocked they were there.  Billy Mitchell was there - in his booth, all by himself.  Nobody was stopping or talking to him...and it was fucking packed!  It really was a surreal...pathetic sight.  SHUNNED.


I was like, "Yeeeah - this is prolly the last time this dude is ever going to be doing this.  We're getting a pic n' autograph."


He was like: "Sure!  Pay whatever you'd like.  You can even take a poster...take as many as you want."


I gave him 11 bucks.  He also hooked us up w/ sum free hotsauce. 




He told us he was waiting for Walter - and if we came back later when Walter was there, he'd hook us up w/ an autograph n' pic.  We did - and he did.  Super nice, guys - we chilled w/ 'em for 'bout 10-15 minutes.  Talkin' smelly con-weirdos, how modern games suck and getting old.  Then we held hands - nah.


Concerning the scandal - maaan, I'm saving that story.  It got weird.  Like, 'what is happening right now?'  I'm totally gonna hunt down and get Wiebe's autograph on that poster.


Speaking of!  Todd Rogers was there, too - but, I missed him.  It's gonna get ugly at one of these things one day.  Only a matter of time before they just get heckled out.


Billy live-streamed hitting a million on DK a few days ago.  He hit a million - and then literally walked away from the machine - letting it 'Game Over'.  (sigh) It's too late, bruh!


I'm currently going for the Donkey Kong killscreen (Level 22).  A million points is like....INSANE point-pressing (milking / exploiting every milisecond)  I just want to say I've 'beaten the game' / 'gotten to the killscreen'.  I'm sooo getting there - I could totally do it.  I'm recording that shit.



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