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how does this series not have a thread?! i was a huge apologist for 1 as a great launch-day gamecube title, and was super happy when 2 (a massively bigger game) came out years back for 3DS.


so yeah, now 1 is getting a 3DS port in the future, here's how it's looking compared to the original:



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aw, the Wario World games are fun on GBA, though i definitely favore Warioware myself..but yes, i'd definitely say i enjoyed Luigi's Mansion more than i did Sunshine, even if they're really different games & all


yeah it was a short game that people ranked on for not being mario/called it a tech demo, which i thought was unfair.  it's a lotta fun & if you want more challenge/levels/bosses (and of course some padding that comes with it), 2 for the 3DS had all of that....i think a lot more people played that one. 


it's absolutely worth it if you enjoyed some of 1, the mechanics are all there & it's a lotta fun, just that if you're looking to finish it, it's a meaty campaign! 

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Yeah - Luigi's Mansion was / is great.  That and Rogue Squadron were excellent GC launch titles that absolutely totally hold up and can still impress.  Luigi's Mansion's light effects and character models...that game was visually solid.


A different kinda 'Mario game' - but a daaamn shame it took so daaamn long to do something again w/ the concept (Dark Moon).  Being a scaredy-pants Ghostbuster just - somehow fits Luigi.  LOL (shrugs) I really dig it.


I already own and have played LM to freakin' death - I'll eventually get this 'updated' version, but I can totally wait for a price-drop for the novelty of playing again in 3D.




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